USAID-financed ICT project – Candidates needed

Request from Daniel Lounberg

“We are searching for candidates to work as team leader on a resident basis in Tunisia for one year on a USAID-financed ICT project, see scope detail here:  USAID Tunisia ICTSOW.  The principal tasks are to help increase ICT entrepreneurship, to develop the ICT workforce, and to develop a program of policy and regulatory reform.

The ideal person would be someone with U.S. background in the IT industry, but who has a background of seeing the whole industry.  In other words, someone who would come equipped to make recommendations of how to develop the sector in Tunisia.  It is very helpful but not absolutely necessary if the candidates have prior overseas project experience, and if they speak French.

The candidates will need at least ten years of post-school work experience, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  If you can think of anyone who might fit, I would like to hear.”

Daniel Lounberg

Itasca International

Arlington, VA  USA

tel 703 785 8894


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