Transboundary Sourcing Webinar

On April 12, David Kinnear, Chair of the GSC will be a speaker at the Transboundary Sourcing Webinar, on Responsible Sourcing: Social Impact with Economic Value. The time will be 9AM to 10:30AM PST and registration information will be updated shortly.


Moderator: Kevin Parikh

Panelists: Sarah Troup of the Rockefeller Foundation, Rita Soni of Nasscom Foundation, Dhiraj Dolwani of B2R, Antony Alex of Pangea3, David Kinnear of The Global Sourcing Council

Summary: Organizations are increasingly realizing the value of incorporating some socially responsible considerations when engaging a service provider. As newer options and models such as Impact Sourcing and Rural Sourcing become mainstream, the Buyer and Provider community is collaborating like never before to ensure their efforts include a social vector. This session brings together experts from the Donor, Provider and Buyer community to engage in a discussion around how Responsible Sourcing doesn’t have to mean a choice between social and economic value – the two can go hand in hand. The speakers will discuss how outsourcing models like Impact Sourcing are changing the socio-economic environment in places as far flung as Vietnam, Kenya and Haiti. Learn how technology and innovative processes and training tools are enabling these models. Also hear from Buyer organizations how they include a socially responsible component in their selection process.

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