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Launching the Standards Initiative

Formed in 2007, the Global Sourcing Council digs deep into the challenges that global businesses face in embracing sustainability & social responsibility. We educate, advocate & inspire sustainable & socially responsible sourcing practices within global enterprises. We believe that the most sustainable companies of today, will be the most successful brands of tomorrow.

Later this year, we are launching our Sustainable Sourcing Standards to the world. Sustainability needs to be incorporated into organizations globally, as an intrinsic component of business. A standardized approach toward its deployment, incorporation and measurement enables cross-border collaboration, while providing socio-economic impetus to participating entities and their constituents (customers, partners, employees, communities) worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting developments with our Standards Initiative!

Meet Our Inspiration

The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition is a collaborative initiative between buyers and providers of business services, governed by a steering committee of elected participants from member companies. It is facilitated by BSRa global nonprofit organization that works to build a just and sustainable world, as the secretariat, and funded by the Rockefeller Foundationwhose Digital Jobs Africa initiative catalyzes new, sustainable employment opportunities and skills training for Africa youth.

The Latest: Thought Leadership

Today’s Perspective:

“The starting point for the discussion of profit with purpose, is that profit
is the driver of any enterprise in a capitalistic system. Simply, it is profit
that enables growth, creates wealth, and defines the role of a business in

Dr. Wanda Lopuch is Chairwoman of the Board of the Global Sourcing Council and has a unique combination of entrepreneurial drive, global mindset, multi-language executive skills and corporate responsibility expertise.  As global entrepreneur, she has practiced responsible and sustainable business before these terms became fashionable; for Wanda and her team, it was simply “good business”.   
In the last decade, Wanda has been involved in advocating responsible global business and sustainable supply chains.  In her executive role, she practices profit with purpose, advocates ESG reporting, and teaches sustainability & risk mitigation.

What’s Your Story? Checking in with the 3S Award Winners

The GSC 3S Awards is a global empowerment platform for small and mid-size “profit with purpose” business enterprises.

Established in 2008, the GSC 3S Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional social and economic leadership in innovating, improving and implementingSustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing (3S) practices.
The annual 3S Awards program identifies, honors and empowers social entrepreneurs by providing global visibility, connections to successful global business leaders and access to business resources and financial capital to succeed.
The GSC is committed to changing the way the world conducts business. We aim to empower companies to pursue profit with purpose in mind. These innovative social entrepreneurs represent the future pipeline of responsible suppliers to the global economy.
This week, hear from the 1st Place Winner of the Climate Change and Natural Resources Award: Coffee Flour


Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, speaking about how access to the internt is a human right; some countries recognize that, but others do not. SDGs need networks and innovation in order to make Hoffman’s statement a reality globally.

Mark Benioff, Founder & CEO of Salesforce, in conversation with Ashish Thakkar, founder of Mara Group and Chair of the UN Foundation’s Global Enterprise Council, discussing, “Is Artificial Intelligence to be a Basic Human Right?” Benioff argued that AI needs a UN envoy.

2017 GRESB Assessment Results event at JP Morgan. GRESB is an industry-specific standard for real estate.

Attending the film premier for Stewards of the Forest by Forest Trends.


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Lauren Bialkowski is the editor of The Source. She has been with the Global Sourcing Council since March 2017 and has assisted in the production & execution of the 3S Awards as well as presumed the role of Marketing Coordinator. To contribute to this publication, please send inquiries to: thesource@gscouncil.org