The Global Sourcing Council is Proud to Announce Its New Partnership with NASSCOM


[From Left] Dr. Wanda (Global Sourcing Council) and Ms. Rita Soni (NASSCOM Foundation) signing Memorandum of Understanding

On October 28th, 2013 in New York City, NY, the Global Sourcing Council and  NASSCOM Foundation  signed the  Memorandum of Understanding  to establish a partnership to collaborate in promoting responsible business and sustainable global development.  Specifically,  GSC and NASSCOM Foundation agreed to jointly promote the GSC Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible  Sourcing (GSC 3S Awards), where NASSCOM will serve as an Outreach Partner for the GSC in India and globally.




[From Left] Dr. Wanda Lopuch and Ms. Rita Soni toast the new partnership

[From Left] Dr. Lopuch and Ms. Soni toast new partnership

“We are very excited about strengthening our existing relationship with the NASSCOM Foundation,” said Dr. Wanda Lopuch, the Chairwomen of the Board of the GSC. “ With our Partner, NASSCOM Foundation,  GSC is looking into further advancement of  the GSC 3S Awards platform and other programs that aim at advancing the cause of responsible global business practices.  NASSCOM Foundation’s  charter of advancing inclusive growth in India perfectly matches the GSC’s goal of advancing sustainable and socially responsible sourcing globally”.


[From Left] Dr. Lopuch, Ms. Soni, and Mr. Daniel Caselles (AuthenWare Corp.) finalizing partnership

The GSC 3S Awards  Program has attracted significant attention in India, which is a  dominating  force in global outsourcing.  A number of finalists and winners of the 2012 and 2013  GSC 3S Awards were from India.   The GSC is very glad to share the experiences of the winning companies, from India and other parts of the world,  in practicing responsible business day in and day out.  “Our role is to share the 3S Best Practices of the 3S Awards laureates with the global outsourcing community.  Our goal is for other entities to learn and to be inspired by our laureates, [with the end result being to build their own] outsourcing programs that empower.  We are very pleased to work towards that end with the leading organization in India, that impacts global outsourcing space far beyond India,said Pumella Sallela, a Member of the Board of the GSC, and the GSC Ambassador in Residence in Africa.

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The Global Sourcing Council ( GSC) is a non-profit organization with an educational mission to promote an exchange of ideas and information among business, trade organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia; to discuss and define sustainable and responsible practices in global sourcing and supply chain management, and to encourage progressive economic growth leading to increased trade, investment and social good, all with an aim  to increase knowledge, deepen trade relations and broaden commercial and cultural ties among nations.

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NASSCOM aims to channel the potential of the IT-BPO industry towards inclusive development of India.  The mission of the Nasscom Foundation is to mainstream responsible business, promote and develop social and environmental solutions, build capacities of individuals and organizations to achieve these, and influence policy making & create thought leadership, using the capacities and competencies of the ecosystem of the IT-BPM industry in India.

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