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This month’s SOURCE focuses on Green Bonds and how the financial sector is contributing to the development of more sustainable practices in areas such as manufacturing, construction and energy production facilities. “Green” funding provides opportunities that are vetted by 3rd party experts who measure and assess components that include how new projects are being built, what materials are being used and where they are being sourced from, how the project impacts the environment from the beginning of construction throughout the project’s lifecycle, and what type of water management and energy efficiency measures have been designed. Financial risks for funding the development of these projects are potentially mitigated through the implementation of advanced technologies that reduce the carbon footprint, lower operating costs, improve processes and provide economic stability through the creation of new sustainable business practices. This approach to debt financing not only rewards innovation, but it provides access to capital that will expand the rate of success for environmentally conscious enterprise solutions on a global level.

Guest Editorial

Climate risk has become financial risk, and the financial sector is taking note.

CICERO MILESTONES 2018: A PRACTIONERS PERSPECTIVE ON THE GREEN BOND MARKET Submitted by GSC Board Member Sophie Dejonckheere, Senior Climate Finance Advisor at Cicero- Center for International Climate Research in Olso, Norway.
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News & Articles

Where did Moody’s think we were headed in February 2018? “Global green bond issuance is set to grow by around 60% to USD 250 billion in 2018, far exceeding the record USD 155 billion of green bonds issued last year, according to the latest assessment of Moody’s Investors Services.”
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This May 2018 European Bank article provides links to videos, report and updates on how changes in the climate impacts the world’s financial and economic sectors. 
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Reports & Studies

“This report represents the first systematic effort to assess the relationship between climate vulnerability, sovereign credit profiles, and the cost of capital in developing countries. Climate risks are multi-dimensional, covering a range of geophysical, social, and economic issues. The intensification of these risks and the degree to which they are accurately priced by financial markets […]
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UN Climate Change ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Read the April 2018 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN Climate Change, or UNFCCC) report “which details 2017 achievements, the future of the climate change process, and what UN Climate Change is doing to support, encourage and build on the global response to climate change.”
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Molly Anderson is the editor of The Source. She has been with the Global Sourcing Council since June 2018 and is a consultant and strategist focusing on corporate responsibility investments. To contribute to this publication, please send inquiries to thesource@gscouncil.org.

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