Four Drivers of Corporate Action on Sustainability

At a special UN event on January 13th, Lise Kingo, head of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), called on businesses to engage in the SDGs “in the right way,” by committing to operate responsibly.

Corporate action on sustainability has a strong business case. UNGC has outlined four key drivers:
  1. Consumer Preferences: A growing trend of “ethical consumerism” pushes companies to demonstrate contributions to global goals.
  2. Employee Demands/Motivations: Employees and workers are calling for better working conditions and wages. Those working for sustainability leaders feel a “pride of association.”
  3. Requirements from Business Partners: More companies are scrutinizing their supply chains to ensure adherence to principles of sustainability, reducing the risk of poor performance, social harm, and environmental harm by business partners.
  4. Management Education: Business school curricula incorporating the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) – an initiative of the United Nations and business schools – are creating a new generation of managers concerned about sustainability.

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SIG is a membership organization that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. It has served these professionals and opened dialogues with their counterparts in finance, HR, marketing and other business functions throughout its 25-year history. SIG is widely acknowledged as a leader in providing “next” practices, innovation and non-commercial networking opportunities through: live events, virtual events, online training through SIG University, online Resource Center and digital content through recently acquired Outsource magazine.

SDGs 3 and 4 are about ensuring health and education for all.
How is your strategy aligned?
How the private sector and others can help implement Goal 3: support implementation of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; research and develop vaccines and medicines for the communicable and non-communicable diseases that primarily affect developing countries, provide access to affordable essential medicines and vaccines, in accordance with the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health, and provide access to medicines for all; increase health financing and the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce in developing countries; and strengthen countries’ early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks.
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Philips’ SDGs Commitment:
Philips strives to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation, and aspires to be a leading private sector player on Goal 3, including on Access to care, Green healthcare, and Supporting Communities. Learn more.
How the private sector and others can help implement Goal 4: build/upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective; expand higher education scholarships available for least developed countries, small island developing States and African countries; and increase supply of qualified teachers.
SDG 4 in Action
AMBA – 2015 3S Award Winner:
AMBA, an Ashoka Fellow driven Social Enterprise, economically empowers adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual disability using Information Technology, Peer Training and Peer Supervision.
Learn more.
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