Sustainable Sourcing as a Path to Innovation 6/16/2011

Sustainable Sourcing as a Path to Innovation

Moderator: Pumela Salela

  • Frank Casale, Founder, CEO, The Outsourcing Institute
  • Rich Cohen, Founder and President, Distant Village
  • Eme Essien, Associate Director for PRIDE, Rockefeller Foundation, based in Nairobi

Sustainability 1.0 focused on Planet (environmental). Sustainability 2.0 is taking shape as transparency of socially responsible practices. It means a triple bottom line, which encompasses: people, planet, profit. Sustainability wisdom and leadership is built into the DNA of successful companies and communities. Join us for this webinar on Sustainable Sourcing as a path to Innovation to see how it is possible to source for sustainability and develop socially responsible innovative solutions that make a difference on the bottom -line whilst making a difference in the lives of communities: those who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Distant Village – an award-winning sustainable design and production firm producing handmade packaging and products from natural materials will share experiences of how Innovative design and triple-bottom-line sustainability is at the foundation of everything they create.

The Rockefeller Foundation will share its PRIDE (Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment) initiative which is aimed at enhancing innovation amongst the rural poor whilst bringing them in line with the broader forces of globalization of services. The Rockefeller Foundation’s PRIDE work is aimed at creating sustainable employment opportunities for people at the base of the pyramid by fostering a critical new arm of the outsourcing industry called Impact Sourcing (IS). Through its support of IS, Rockefeller will work to nurture and scale up the establishment of an industry that employs poor or marginalized populations in Africa, providing them an opportunity to improve their lives and to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.