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Meet Andrew Budsock: GSC Board Member

Millennial, Conservation Lover, & Global Advocate


Andrew Budsock is the youngest board member of GSC, 25, having recently graduated with his Master’s in Conservation Biology from Columbia University. Andrew is a published scientist with a deep interest in solving nuanced ecological challenges that arise from climate and global change. Specifically, his research at Columbia focused on using satellite remote sensing to understand how drought, likely increasing with climate change, impacts tropical forests. Now, however, he is transitioning into the private sector with the aim of applying data-driven approaches to incorporating sustainability into business strategies.

He brings with him extensive global experience in private and nonprofit sectors, with a diverse background in foreign language, writing, research, and analytics. He is a former U.S. State Department fellow in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professional Program; where, he worked in Munich at the innovation consultancy Hyve GmbH. In Hong Kong, he represented the US as an Environment and Sustainability Delegate at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations. He also is an editor for Impakter Magazine, where he created a series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aims to communicate the goals to a millennial audience. He has also worked as a social media consultant.


Now at GSC, Andrew is involved with the official program including bringing strategic new relationships to GSC, hosting webinars on topics such as implementing the SDGs into business, and leading the online discussions with our 3S Award finalists. Andrew is passionate about improving the world through sustainability and looks forward to continuing to advocate for businesses to pursue profit with purpose.

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Be Bold & Take the Pledge!

We believe businesses can and will do well by doing good and we invite companies around the world to participate in our profit-with-purpose Half-Billion Dollars Challenge.

If you are passionate like Andrew, make your support visibile by joining our Half-Billion Dollars Challenge by pledging to make specific budgetary allocations towards your organization’s current and planned activities that align with and promote the SDGs. The best part about this challenge is that it is an investment in your company! Join our community of sustainability leaders, such as Teleperformance and Sevamob, and help inspire global business managers around the world.


What’s Your Story? Get Connected!

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel series?! The focus of each episode is a one-on-one interview that dives in deep to find out how each company came to be, including their successes and their struggles. During each interview, we explore what profit with purpose means to them and how as an organization, they pursue it.

Missed the first few episodes? Catch up below, where we have interviews from Coffee Flour, who turns the discarded pulp and skin of the coffee cherry into a renewable product; Bwom, who is changing self-care for women through technology; & Distinct Horizon, whose primary focus is on R&D of Urea Deep Placement Powered Applicators.

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What drives you? What gets you up in the morning? What are you passionate about?

Here at GSC we believe whole-heartly that everyone can make a difference — even if it’s just holding the door open for someone, we can all help induce postive change. Interested? Start by donating just $1 to our Entrepreneurs Development Fund, where you can help companies like Coffee FlourBwom & Distinct Horizon pursue profit with purpose.


Help us Track Sustainability in Business


The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) is conducting a research project called, “The Pulse,” to study the extent of businesses embracing sustainability throughout various organizational functions. Depending upon sectors, supply chains are estimated to contribute 50-80% of the sustainability impact, yet a clear understanding of dimensions of responsible sourcing and supply chains as a part of the company’s value creation has not been well understood or established.


The goal of this study, “Taking the Pulse of how Business Embraces Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals,” is to track the level of adoption of sustainability dimensions in global functions, such as: supply chains, procurement, sourcing, outsourcing, risk management and others, by industry sectors. The study intends to measure the level of awareness and adoption of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as well as other sustainability dimensions.

Participation will be greatly appreciated and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey. The GSC intends to complete the data collection by the end of this summer. Please click here to take the Pulse Research Survey.


BECOME A GSC MEMBER: If your organization has not already joined us, consider becoming a Corporate Member of the Global Sourcing Council with a tax-deductible donation.

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