SEAL Boot Camp participants and GSC members enjoy a private tour of the Javit’s Center 6.75 acre green roof.


We will not be stopped. Our spirits will not be broken.


The Global Sourcing Council firmly believes in our mission of transforming the world through profit with purpose in the private sector. We encourage sustainable global business practices that empower organizations to operate responsibly and develop innovative solutions. As such, the threat posed by climate change must be acknowledged while also capitalizing on the economic opportunity to further transition the global economy towards carbon neutrality. The Paris Agreement provides strong international cooperation on climate change and a framework to reduce emissions. GSC strongly supports the Paris Agreement and encourages businesses to continue on its trajectory. Doing so will strengthen competitiveness; create jobs, markets, & growth; and reduce business risk. We will continue our mission by advocating for profit with purpose and providing resources to the private sector on sustainable and socially responsible business practices.



How can you get involved?


We believe businesses can and will do well by doing good and we invite companies around the world to participate in our profit-with-purpose Half-Billion Dollars Challenge.

You can join our Half-Billion Dollars Challenge by pledging to make specific budgetary allocations towards your organization’s current and planned activities that align with and promote the SDGs.


Support profit with purpose.


Now, more than ever, it is so important to donate to the Entrepreneurs Development Fund,

which supports social enterprises around the world.




BECOME A GSC MEMBER: If your organization has not already joined us, consider becoming a Corporate Member of the Global Sourcing Council with a tax-deductible donation.

To join today or for more information on how your donation can make a difference, please email