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HR and CSR: Human Resource’s Role in Sustainable Sourcing

In today’s world, where employees, customers, and stakeholders are savvy to an enterprises’ sustainable practices – including environmental concerns and fair treatment of workers – corporate social responsibility drives an organizations’ productivity, staff recruitment and retention, and even its financial position on the stock market. The month’s The Source focuses on the Human Resources side of supply chain sourcing, with case studies and industry proof to support the wisdom of corporations who adopt sustainable practices as an essential, and profitable, part of their day-to-day business. 

The Latest: Thought Leadership

Human Resources and Responsible Sourcing: The Melding of HRM and CSR Initiatives

“With the shift in accountability being laid on the corporation, ‘HRM comes to be seen as an implicit steward for good work, not only for the corporation’s direct employees, but also for the people working indirectly for the organization.'”

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Why HR Needs to Take a Leadership Role in CSR

by Karen Higginbottom

“People play a central role in the value creation process which is about understanding the way an organization works and the consequences of its activities… ‘For example, how you treat your customers and how you treat your suppliers ethically. If you define your value creation in narrow financial terms, you can develop this very far while maintaining a deep disregard for social responsibility. But a triple bottom line view focuses on long-term value creation and brings this together with a much wider stakeholder view. This leads organizations to look at what is socially and environmentally sustainable and ethics is integrally linked to value creation.'”

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Why Sustainability Matters to Supply Chain Sourcing

by Christy Pettey

“Corporate social responsibility is rapidly becoming a key market differentiator for businesses as more consumers look to purchase products from companies that act responsibly. So it comes as little surprise that significant efforts are underway to incorporate sustainability within supply chains. Gartner’s 2017 Future of Supply Chain Survey highlights how companies view CSR as an opportunity to enhance their brand reputation, rather than just satisfying government regulations.”

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Are We Making Progress?

by Hank Boerner – Chair, G&A Institute

Hank discusses corporate accountability in worker safety and conditions within the fashion industry. Within this article, keep in mind the implications of the role in HR in this process. “[With the] Rana Plaza vertical factory tragedy in the capital of city of Dhaka that killed more than 1,000 garmet industry workers…the labels of leading western nation marketers were scattered about the debris and ashes- and those familiar brand images as well as images of the collapsed building and details of the tragedy helped to focus attention on worker conditions in the East Asian region in both North America and Europe.”

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A Human Resources Perspective on Responsible Corporate Behavior

by Ciprian Obrad

Case Study: The Multinational Companies in Western Romania

In this case study, Obrad researched multinational companies in the automotive sector from Western Romania, in order to see how social responsibility intertwines with human resource practices within companies, and how “greater corporate sustainability” results from this. Their study shows that these companies are aware that CSR effects long-term advantages, seeing as the inclusion of CSR also develops their reputation, gives them competitive advantage in the market, and creates a better culture within their company, allowing for greater engagement with their employees.
“Human resources play a fundamental role in fostering a beneficial corporate climate, and in designing profitable practices thus allowing the company to be responsibly successful.”  

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Sustainability: How Corporate Superstars Get it Right

The 2018 Sustainability Summit will provide a unique opportunity for sustainability practitioners at leading companies to enjoy a safe space to address the most urgent and persistent, strategic, operational, and implementation challenges they face in addressing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of their companies. The Summit will enable peer-to-peer exchange and engagement with leading practitioners and subject matter experts to work in a collaborative way through the major challenges that corporate sustainability professionals face.

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