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GSC Integrity Commitment

  1. The GSC undertakes to treat each and every participant’s submission fairly, objectively and equitably.
  2. The GSC commits to publishing the outcome of the participant’s pledge based and wholly in reliance upon the participant’s self-reported performance against its stipulated pledge goals.
  3. In administering the Half-Billion Dollars challenge, the GSC agrees that it will at all times behave consistently with the principles articulated in its Mission Statement.

Participant Integrity Commitment
At the date of this submission, the participating entity confirms that it subscribes to the following principles:

  1. This application is made in conformance with the highest standards of ethics and is true and accurate in its representations to the fullest knowledge of the applicant;
  2. The participant organization does not willfully and knowingly breach any applicable laws or regulations in the conduct of its business;
  3. In submitting this application, the participant organization explicitly consents to the content of its pledge appearing on the website, or in other public publications of, The Global Sourcing Council;
  4. The participant organization agrees to indemnify the GSC and its trustees, directors, employees and representatives from any and all claims and losses (including attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation) arising out of malfeasance, dishonesty or deliberate misrepresentation in connection with this application;
  5. The participant organization commits to internal monitoring of its performance against its stipulated pledge.

Verification Procedure:

  1. The Half-Billion Dollars Challenge applications will be submitted through the GSC Website to the Global Challenge Coordinator, Lauren Zaffuto.
  2. The Global Challenge Coordinator will review applicant submissions.
  3. Company URL, company background information and any other relevant links will be reviewed.
  4. The information will be entered into the Half-Billion Dollars Challenge database.
  5. If there is reasonable doubt that a mistake has been made or false reporting has occurred, the Global Challenge Coordinator will contact the applicant. The applicant under review will go through the verification process until accurate reporting has been determined.