SEAL™ Program Terms & Conditions

Our awards seek to empower winners and provide them with resources to continue on in the path of socially responsible sourcing and sustainability. Benefits of winning include attending GSC’s 3S Awards Ceremony on September 16, 2015 and GSC’s SEAL™ Program from September 14-17, 2015. These will be opportunities for learning, networking, and sharing your story.

Please email Jessica Tomaz ( with questions or concerns.

Below are a set of terms and conditions for awards winners.


1.Two employees from the winning organization will attend GSC’s 3S Awards Ceremony in the United Nations in NYC and participate in the SEAL™ Program free of charge.

2. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, with a minimum of one dinner during the program.

3.Winners are expected to attend both the 3S Awards Ceremony and the SEAL™ Program.

Travel and Accommodations

1.Winners from outside the New York City area must coordinate their own travel arrangements.

2. GSC will not be responsible for coordinating travel or accommodations for the winners.

3. GSC will provide winners with a travel stipend which which will be announced to winners once they are determined.

      1, The travel stipend will be dispensed in the form of a check to the winning organization on the last day of the SEAL™ Program, upon a successful completion of the program. Partial participation of less then 3 days does not constitute the completion of the program.

      2. Winners that only attend the 3S Awards Ceremony and not the SEAL™ Program will not receive a travel stipend.

      3. Local winners in the New York City region will not receive a travel stipend.

Failure to Attend

1. In the event that winners cannot attend the UN Awards Ceremony or the SEAL™ Program, winners will forfeit all awards benefits other than promotion on our social media platforms and website.

2. There are no other benefits provided for non-participating winners.

3. Winners will not be provided any monetary award in exchange for forfeiting their seat both at the awards ceremony and SEAL™ Program.


1.Please communicate your plans to attend our events within one week of receiving notification as a winner. GSC must plan SEAL™ Program details, and other events as necessary, so this information is much appreciated.


Winners of the People’s Choice award will most likely not be able to attend the UN Awards Ceremony or SEAL™ Program due to time constraints. Instead, they will attend the University of Tennessee leadership training program. The date is TBD and will be announced soon so arrangements can be made.