2015 UN bannerH3sAwEstablished in 2008, the GSC 3S Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional social and economic leadership in innovating, improving and implementing Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing (3S) practices.

3S practices are activities performed to ensure that a meaningful impact is made across the entire value chain of buyers, suppliers, business partners, advisory services and surrounding communities, which are not only socially responsible but sustainable as well. The GSC 3S Awards program promotes Impact Sourcing (IS), which provides businesses and organizations the opportunity to do business well, and at the same time, have a positive impact on the communities that they do business with.

The GSC 3S Awards program honors best “green” practices in global sourcing, as implemented by companies, corporations and individuals supporting global sustainable development, social responsibility, ethical and ecological business practices and the general idea of giving back to the local community.

It is the only awards program geared specifically towards the global sourcing sector and honoring both sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

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