Letter from 2014 GSC President, Bharat Ramani

It is my great honor to be the President of Global Sourcing Council for the coming year; I would like to thank the Board of GSC for nominating me to this post.

As a global strategist and entrepreneur for the past 29 years, I have experience in building and managing multinational corporations. I was involved in setting up IT Application Outsourcing Centers for Fortune 500 companies in the mid-1990’s through 2009. I have also accumulated extensive global experience, having lived and setup organizations in US, India, Russia, UK, Germany and Hong Kong.

I am actively involved in promoting and helping young start-ups in US/India Corridor and helping them to work together to create innovative products and services for these markets. I believe it is important for major corporations to invest in socially responsible sourcing and was involved in giving young startups business opportunities in my previous companies, specifically subcontracting IT contracts with many of them.

As we reflect on 2013, the GSC has achieved some important milestones in its short history by:

  • creating partnership with organizations around the world including NASSCOM Foundation to collaborate on spreading the message of advancement of sustainable and socially responsible sourcing
  • becoming a 501.c.3 organization under the US IRS tax code, which means that it offers tax exemptions to its members and of course our successful 2013 GSC 3S Awards Program

Our main goal for this year is to expand our global footprint.  We have established and launched the GSC Chapter in India while creating and establishing organizational frameworks for GSC Chapters in Africa, Europe and Latin America. We are at an important time in our lifecycle – the world has started recognizing our cause and a movement towards sustainability and socially responsible sourcing has started in different countries around the world. We would like to collaborate with like minded individuals and organizations who believe in our vision of Socially Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing.  I want to use this platform to reach out to these persons and organizations and make a real impact in our society.


Bharat Ramani

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