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Make a Difference with Action on SDG 11

SDG 11 calls to, Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Its targets address housing, slums, transport and road safety, accessibility, sustainable urbanization, cultural and natural heritage, disasters, air quality and waste management, and green public spaces.

Why Take Action? The Global Challenge
Cities are large-scale users of energy, water, and processed and natural products. Cities generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and produce waste beyond the planet’s regenerative and carrying capacity.
Cities are also sites of extreme deprivation for many people. Nearly 60% of urban dwellers in developing countries report being affected by crime. In addition, more than a billion people live in slums, where they experience poor housing conditions and inadequate access to basic services (e.g. sanitation, security, and clean water), health, sufficient food, decent transportion, job opportunities and education. Youth and women are often worse off if they live in slums.
Your Business Opportunity:
With nearly 75% of worldwide economic activity occurring in an urban setting, cities are responsible for most global consumption and production, and they drive development and economic growth.
The challenge and opportunity for economic activity in cities is to create jobs and prosperity while not straining land and resources. Investments are needed in safe and affordable housing, upgrading slum settlements, public transport, creating green public spaces, and improving urban planning and management. Most metropolitan areas and cities around the world have already started investing in sustainable innovation and streamlining their infrastructure. The real estate sector must be committed to curbing speculation and forging sustainable business approaches for equitable service delivery and resource efficiency.

Learn from Leaders Taking Action on SDG 11

“Since 2013 Pirelli has participated in the Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0 of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, contributing, together with other international companies from different sectors (from automotive and oil to gas and ICT), to providing sustainable mobility solutions that foster universally accessible, low environmental impact urban mobility.  This commitment is also supported by Cyber Fleet™ technology, which the Company first presented in 2012.  This system automatically measures tire pressure and temperature, making it possible to reduce fuel consumption by simultaneously maximizing efficiency in tire maintenance. These features offer significant advantages in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Amplify your Impact: Collaborate with NGOs and Other Companies

Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
“The Clinton Climate Initiative collaborates with world-class partners to increase the resiliency of communities facing climate change, and create replicable and sustainable models for others to follow. Our unique and innovative models encourage cross-sectorial collaborations.

At the core of our engagement philosophy is Systems Thinking; identifying and activating leverage points that can create significant positive impact in climate change mitigation and energy transition for communities around the world. Through our programs and with our distinctive resources we aim to create measurable, meaningful, and lasting contributions.”

To find out more information about CCI, please click here.

SDG 11 Highlight: 2017 3S Award 2nd Place Winner for Basic Needs

Échale a tu Casa
Échale a tu Casa is committed to providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions for families in need in Mexico and throughout the world. To this day, Échale a tu Casa has provided more than 180,000 with a housing solution impacting over a million individuals. Learn more.

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