Introduction to Forest Trends

The Global Sourcing Council pursues profit with purpose through sustainable and responsible sourcing. 

From the GSC Team: 

Brazilian scientists evaluated that there are 35% more fires in Amazon this year then in the average of the last eight years. With over 3 million species of plants and animals, the Amazon rainforest is crucial to slowing climate change. It absorbs millions of tons of carbon dioxide and emits 6% of Earth’s oxygen. The […]
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GSC Interview with Michael Jenkins – Founding President and CEO, Forest Trends

Over 20 years ago you saw the need to use market forces to protect forests and other natural resources. This concept is so relevant today when Amazon fires bring forests to the headlines of all global publications.  Can you tell us about the inception of the Forest Trends? I was working at the MacArthur Foundation, […]

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Guest Editorial

By Ana Carolina Pelegrini Guimaraes From my perspective, the Amazon belongs to everybody. Geographically, Brazil has the most territory and it is responsible for the largest part of the Amazon. Brazilian’s sovereignty on the rain forest does not mean that we are able to explore or destroy it, but the opposite. The purpose of our […]
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By Alexa Castellano When thousands of fires ravaged the Amazon Rainforest last month it sparked outrage across the world. Satellite images of the rainforest burning, of large clouds of smoke visible from space, shocked citizens around the world, uniting in worry about what this could mean for our planet and humanity’s wellbeing. The Amazon is […]
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News and Articles

Chain Reaction Research by Climate Advisers, published on August 29th, 2019. For questions contact Matthew Pitrowski,   High deforestation rates in Brazil and massive fires in the Amazon have put agricultural companies operating in the country and their investors in the spotlight. Agricultural supply chains are key drivers of deforestation, with cattle and soy playing […]
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Upcoming Events

Join AEMI and Forest Trends for a high-level gathering of public, private, and philanthropic communities in forestry, carbon, ecological restoration, water resources management, and corporate sustainability.

Connect and network with leaders from corporations, local, state and federal agencies, regulators, consultants, providers, and users of offsets, policymakers, nonprofits and universities.

This working summit will advance natural infrastructure and tools that address climate change, including:

  • Leveraging public, private, and philanthropic investments in natural infrastructure for disaster resilience
  • Cross-boundary public and private investments for habitat, climate and water quality
  • Adapting market tools and methodologies for supply chain management of impacts on climate, biodiversity, communities, and water.
  • Market-based mechanisms and strategies
  • Investment strategies with multiple benefits for climate, water, biodiversity, and communities

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