Applications for the 2017 GSC 3S Awards Now Accepted!

To enter the awards, please complete this application form.
The deadline for applications is March 27th, 2017, 5 pm EST
Eligibility: The GSC 3S Awards provide a level playing field for organizations to individuals and recognize their contributions towards 3S practices by celebrating their exceptional achievements on a international platform.

Application Guidelines

1. Candidates must submit a 3 minute video showcasing the 3S practices of their company or organization, alongside the application. Advertisements for your company are not eligible for submission.
(We don’t required that your video to be professionally produced. You can create it on your phone or computer if you’d like. The purpose of the video is to provide the judges with an experience of you and your work that is as personal as possible. We also use the video in our newsletters and social media.)
2. You are encouraged to include subtitles for your video if the audio is unclear.
3. The video should be a maximum of 3 mins.
4. Videos must be submitted on You Tube and you are required to provide the link to the video together with the submitted application. NO video files will be accepted.
5. Videos must highlight the sourcing category award applied for by the Applicant. “Canned” videos or those that are self-laudatory, promotion driven, or otherwise do not focus on the 3S qualities of the project will negatively impact the assessment and may result in disqualification.
6. The application questions must be answered completely. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for the awards.
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Competition Timeline

Deadline for submitting applications: March 27th, 2017

ONLY the finalists will be notified in order to allow ample time to make travel arrangements to New York City for the awards ceremony
We will publicly announce the 2017 GSC 3S Awards Winners at the United Nations Headquarters on May 17th 2017.
The Sustainable Executive and Leadership (SEAL) Bootcamp for the finalists will be offered in conjunction with the awards ceremony, details to be announced.

Good luck!

If you have any questions please contact our team and we shall gladly answers all your questions and help with submission of the application.
Please direct all questions or concerns related to applications to 3S Awards Coordinator, Lauren Zaffuto at