In Their Own Words: An Interview With JSW Foundation

In Their Own Words: An Interview with JSW Foundation, Winner of the 3S People’s Choice Award

Raghavendra Rao, Corporate Communications Manager, JSW Foundation

Raghavendra Rao, Corporate Communications Manager, JSW Foundation


Interview with JSW Foundation Corporate Communications Manager Raghavendra Rao


1.      Can you describe how the concept of JSW Foundation came about?

We at JSW believe that the inclusive growth is not a destination but a journey made possible by all the progressive engagement of all stakeholders in the developmental process. JSW strives to achieve sustainable development through an involvement in education, health and livelihood, women empowerment, promotion of arts and culture, environment protection and sports.

2.      What pushed JSW Foundation towards pursuing goals in sustainable and socially responsible practices, as opposed to a strictly profits-based model?

It is our sheer commitment hence we have committed 2% of our profit after tax to build a sustainable India.

3.      Did you – at any point – come to regret that your company is following this path?

We have always cherished people’s joy. Our aim is to create a value based empowered society through a purposeful engagement in various spheres of life by involving the community at large.

4.      What do you think sets you apart – as far as business model is concerned – from other companies from your sector?

We endeavor to create long term value for the business and society. We also strive to assess the impact of our operations on local agriculture, bio diversity and health. 

5.      To what would you credit the success of JSW Foundation practicing socially responsible business?   

The team work. The group’s CSR initiatives are spearheaded by JSW Foundation which works within a radius of 10 KM from every plant location. The team is headed by Ms Sangita Jindal 

6.      What do you think can be done to make the business world aware of the need for corporate social responsibility?

To spread the culture of giving, this can be so enriching and viable business model. The volunteerism also encourages all employees to contribute to the best of their abilities and gives them the freedom to choose the areas in which they would like to offer their services.


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JSW Foundation was founded in 1982 by Sh O P Jindal and currently has locations in India, Mozambique and South Africa.  JSW Foundation currently has 44,500 employees across 7 locations.  The foundation, in consultation with plant management and CSR teams, finalizes a set of initiatives every year that get incorporated into its business plan.  The JSW Foundation believes that this planned approach will lead to a manifold of growth of its humane initiatives involving both employees and communities. 

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