GSC Launches its 17 Weeks for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Program

Welcome to the launch of
17 Weeks for
17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A call to action for leaders to showcase
commitments that are transforming business and the world
In this first week, we explore examples of how to take action on Goal 1 which calls to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.
The Global Challenge:

Over one billion people live on $1.25 per day or less. Most are in Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Poverty rates are also high in many small, fragile and conflict-affected countries. To address poverty and its many manifestations, economic growth must include all segments of society, including by providing sustainable jobs.


The Business Opportunity:
According to the UN Global Compact, recent experiences with economic growth show that “strong markets and strong societies go hand in hand”. Businesses have found opportunities in developing innovative products and services to serve communities affected by poverty, and in leveraging these groups “as consumers, employees in the value chain, supplies/distributors, and community members.”
GSC welcomes you to the first in our 17 Weeks/17 SDGs webinar series.
“Monitoring for Sustainability / ESG Risk in the Supply Chain”

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Identify and engage with suppliers operating in high poverty areas
Identify countries of high poverty in your supply chain using the freely available CIA World Factbook which lists the percentage of the population below the poverty line for each country around the world.
Engage with suppliers on community needs in the areas of poverty eradication, gender-sensitive development, social protection, access to financial services, resilience and disaster vulnerability.
Learn from business examples of SDG 1 in action
Mastercard Aid Network
MasterCard utilizes its services and products to create the MasterCard Aid Network, which streamlines aid distribution in the absence of telecommunications infrastructure.
Link with NGOs to amplify SDG 1 efforts
Partnering with NGOs focusing on poverty can help leverage the experience, knowledge, best practices and network of these global organizations to amplify your efforts.
Examples of these amplifications include:
The Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative
Credit Suisse AG is part of a partnership with Acción International, Opportunity International, FINCA International, Women’s World Banking, Swisscontact, and Habitat for Humanity. The Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative aims to foster market development and innovation by strengthening the ability of microfinance institutions to serve the increasingly diverse financial needs of clients at the base of the pyramid.
Barclays, Citi, CocaCola, DeBeers, GSK and Shell are among the partners of the world’s largest community of business and international development professionals who harness business for social impact.
Highlight poverty eradication in sourcing: 2016 3S Awards
3S Community Engagement Nominee: Vihara Foundation

The creative fundraising platform Rock against Poverty, run by the Vihara Foundation, helps raise global awareness and funds to pay for real scientific and business enterprise development intervention to counter extreme poverty in rural India.

Are you a supplier finding innovative ways to fight poverty in your community? Do you know of others fighting poverty in their supply chains?

Contact Angeline Judex, GSC Executive Director to learn how to participate in the 2016 3S (Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing) Awards and Gala taking place in New York in October.
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Attend an upcoming event on sustainable business and the SDGs
GSC is proud to welcome Teleperformance as a Goal 1 supporter.
  • 3BL Media Webinar: Innovation for Sustainable Development: The Role of Private Sector Collaboration (March 9, virtual)
  • UN Global Compact webinar: Traceability Technical Solutions for the Apparel Sector (March 10, virtual)
  • 15th Annual Wall Street Green Trading Summit: Market Acceleration of Sustainable Finance in 2016 (March 14, New York)
  • Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Event (March 15-16, New York)
  • RepRisk webinar with GSC: Monitoring for Sustainability / ESG Risk in the Supply Chain (March 23, virtual)
  • 2nd Annual ESG, SRI & Impact Investing Summit: From Integration to Performance Measurement and Everything In Between (March 30-31, New York)

  • Deforestation Forum: How business can tackle deforestation (April 6-7, Washington)
  • UN Global Compact webinar with GSC: Sustainable Supply Chains: Through the Lens of the 17 SDGs (April 14, virtual)
  • 6th Annual Sustainability Forum: Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy (May 16-17, Washington)
  • GRI Global Conference 2016: Empowering Sustainable Decisions (May 18-20, Amsterdam)
To add your event, contact us at for listing opportunities and sponsorship packages.
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