GSC Introduces New Chapter in India


Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO Mitra Capital

Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO Mitra Capital

Global Sourcing Council (GSC) through the 3S Awards took an initiative to honor best “green,” sustainable and socially responsible practices in global sourcing, as implemented by companies, corporations and individuals supporting global sustainable development.

The Indian GDP is growing, and with growth comes higher consumption, which is adding stress to its natural resources. It has become important to pay attention to sustainability and socially responsible practices in India.  This can only be achieved through education and public awareness.

The GSC India Chapter will recognize exceptional individuals and organizations that are exhibiting sustainability and social responsible practices in India.  Mr. Bharat Ramani, President of Global Sourcing Council, proposed India for the first GSC Chapter outside the USA. He said, “India makes a great place for the first GSC Chapter outside USA as a lot of companies have started practicing sustainability and GSC should recognize and promote them”.

Mr. Ramani introduced Amit Bansal, Founder and CEO Mitra Capital, as Head of GSC India Chapter.  “Mr. Bansal is very passionate about sustainability and had helped with the women category nominations from India for the 3S Awards this year,” said Mr. Ramani.

Mr. Bansal is a finance professional with eight years of experience in Banking and Capital Markets in the United States. He has worked in investment banking at ABN Amro Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland in New York. Mr. Bansal has now relocated to India and has started his own financial consulting firm Mitra Capital in Mumbai.

Mr. Bansal is actively involved in social causes in India such as women empowerment, intellectual disability, renewal energy and rural livelihood (education, microfinance and healthcare). He is advocating for a change in the Public Procurement policy of the Government of India to promote Women Entrepreneurship in India. He is also working to set up the Indian Women Entrepreneur (IWE) Fund.  IWE Fund will help Indian women entrepreneurs with seed capital, mentoring, resources and business strategy.

Mr. Bansal also actively volunteers for Saksham, Center for Child Development, AMBA- Centers for the Economic Empowerment of the Intellectually Challenged People and Room to Read India.


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