GSC 3S Bootcamp Video and Presentation – 2014

The GSC 3S 2014 Boot Camp was a wonderfully enriching experience for all parties involved. The winners of the 3S awards, representatives of the Global Sourcing Council, and students from SUNY Stony Brook came together for one week to discuss sustainability, social responsibility, and how to communicate and improve efficiency in the business world.

Participants brainstormed problems with attitude towards sustainability in the profit-driven capitalist system we are currently working under, as well as potential solutions in changing that negative attitude. The Boot Camp taught valuable networking, communication, and team strengthening techniques that can be employed in any business setting.

Many participants had never visited New York before and so the Boot Camp provided a tour of the city with a sustainable lens which included a boat trip around Manhattan, a walk along the Highline, lunch at an extremely environmentally friendly restaurant, a visit to the Union Square Farmer’s Market, and a presentation about sustainable practices being incorporated into residential buildings on Roosevelt Island.

Presentations were then created about New York’s implementation of sustainable practices and ways to improve unsustainable ones. Participants also attended the World BPO/ITO Forum and mingled with representatives of major businesses in an attempt to promote sustainability. At the end of the Boot Camp, 3S award winners submitted project outlines for ways that they were going to incorporate sustainability into their business even further. All in all, the GSC Boot Camp educated, inspired, and created friendships: a powerful week for a more sustainable future.

Please watch our video below, or view on YouTube here.

Boot Camp Presentation Image


Click here for our PDF Slide Presentation.

More photos can be found here.

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