GSC 3S Awards 2014-2015 Announced

Established in 1998, the GSC 3S Awards are the preeminent awards in the area of sustainable and socially responsible sourcing. The 3S Awards honor individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional social and economic leadership in innovating, improving and implementing 3S practices. The awards will be presented in June 2015 at a gala hosted in New York City.

The 3S Awards are offered in the following categories:

  • 3S Community Engagement Award: This award is focused on organizations that influence and make sustainable a single or multiple communities by providing employment, making available building block resources for survival, providing educational tools and resources and enabling communities by availing business opportunities.
  • 3S Employee Engagement Award: The Employee Engagement Award is geared towards businesses/organizations that empower their employees towards 3S actions. This would include but is not limited to engaging employees in sustainable and socially responsible practices through the company/various groups and providing tools for employees (educational/vocational).
  • 3S Empowered Women Award: This award recognizes 3S initiatives taken to empower women that are part of global supply chains or their surrounding communities, as well as honoring women who have made a 3S difference.
  • 3S Impact Sourcing Award: This award recognizes organizations that have established and implemented impact sourcing practices to benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • 3S Out-of-the-Box Award: This award recognizes innovative 3S initiatives across all industries and platforms.
  • 3S People’s Choice Award: This award is based on popular vote by the sourcing community. Videos from all categories will be up for voting and the most popular submission will make the cut for the award.

GSC will begin accepting applications for the 3S Awards on October 1, 2014. Applications will involve submission of an on-line application and a short video (no longer than 3 minutes) highlighting the applicant’s achievements in the offered awards categories.

All applications will be evaluated by independent judges who are experts in the fields of sustainability, social responsibility, and sourcing. The People’s Choice Award is an open online competition subject to one vote per IP address.

Previous 3S Awards winners include Alter Eco, The Catrinka Project, CloudFactory, Digital Divide Data, HarVa, JSW Foundation prAna, Vindhya, VOS, and WeConnect.

Please contact Gary S. Pasricha (, Chairman of the 2014-15 3S Awards, for additional information.  

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