Global Sourcing Council Announces 2013 President and Board of Directors

Diana d'Ambra, President of the Global Sourcing Council

Diana d’Ambra, President of the Global Sourcing Council

NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 27, 2013): The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) announced the constitution of the 2013 Board of Directors following the annual GSC general meeting on February 7, 2013. Ms. Diana d’Ambra was proclaimed the new President of the GSC.

Ms. D’Ambra is Consultant at Cortelyou Consulting with many years of experience in the all aspects of the global sourcing including outsourcing, vendor management and senior leadership; she is also the current GSC Newsletter editor.

The 2013 GSC Board of Directors re-emphasized the organization’s mission of promoting an exchange of ideas and information among businesses, trade organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia in the area of sustainable and socially responsible practices, especially in global supply chains. The new board is constituted of:

➢ Dr. Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the GSC; President of MDA Associates, Inc.

➢ Diana D’Ambra, President of GSC, Consultant at Cortelyou Consulting

➢ Dane Dickler, Treasurer at GSC, Senior Manager at Marcum LLP

➢ Todd Yaney, Sustainability Team Leader, Chrysler Group LLP

➢ Bharat Ramani, Managing Partner at BRICS Connect

➢ Michael Gibbons, Global Program Manager at Dell Computer

➢ David Kinnear, President and CEO at BK Advisory

➢ William Bierce, President and Managing Attorney at Bierce & Kenerson, PC

➢ Ali Comelek, Founder and Publisher at Globalization Today

➢ Francois Degueldre, Managing Partner at Opulus Consulting; Board Member at European Outsourcing Association

➢ Karen Morris, Independent Strategy and Innovation Consultant

➢ Aditya Saharia, Associate Professor at Gabelli School of Business & Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

➢ Sanjay Sharma, Independent Consultant

➢ Pumela Salela, Independent Advisor for the Information Communications Technology and Sourcing sectors


Contact: Luiza Oleszczuk
Director of Development
Tel: +1 347 239 8803
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