Exciting News from the 2012 3S Awards!

The Global Sourcing Council (GSC), a New York based organization that promotes sustainable and socially responsible sourcing, received a $135K grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, to help advance its 2012 GSC 3S Awards program. The $135K grant will go towards promoting sustainable and socially responsible global development which will result in the well-being of people around the world. The 3S Awards will recognize and provide visibility to the exceptional achievements in the global sourcing marketplace by individuals and organizations for their commitment towards sustainability and socially responsible sourcing practices. It is the only award of its kind in the outsourcing industry.

The Rockefeller Foundation is pleased to provide support to the Global Sourcing Council’s 2012 3S Awards. The awards are an excellent mechanism for showcasing businesses that create employment opportunities for people with limited opportunity for sustainable employment by fostering a critical new arm of the outsourcing industry called Impact Sourcing (IS), states Lillian W. Chege, The Rockefeller Foundation. “What demarks the 3SA Program and the significance of 3SA recognition for participants is the emphasis placed by the GSC on authenticity & integrity in corporate leadership. It takes a particular kind of leadership not only to succeed in business – but to do so in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Beyond traditional corporate leadership, we seek to inspire and recognize the efforts of a new generation of leadership that sees the bigger view and “connects the dots”. Delivering shareholder value is admirable. To do so while making an identifiably positive impact on society merits greater recognition”, David T. Kinnear, Chairman of the Global Sourcing Council.