ESG Reporting: Using Data Compilation and Analysis to Drive Supply Chain Policies

ESG Reporting: Using Data Compilation and Analysis to Drive Supply Chain Policies

From the GSC Team: 

The GSC has kicked off the fall season with a new video series exploring recent research evaluating the role of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) evaluation, the resources available for successful ESG practices, the major ESG rating agencies and how these insights can be translated into effective ESG supply chain policies and practices. We have summarized our first two conversations and attached their full video presentations.  Keep checking in with GSC as the series will culminate in a joint discussion with the same speakers regarding how data can inform policy & drive action, improving how the global supply chain impacts the financial market, the environment, and all of our lives on daily basis.

Guest Editorials

VIDEO 1:  The Role of ESG Evaluation & Resources for Successful ESG Practices 

Devon Reichelt of Refinitiv (formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters) shares a brief introduction to ESG ratings, the role ESG ratings and data providers play and a demonstration of some of the tools/content available to start informing ESG policies and practices.

VIDEO 2: Reverse Engineering an Effective ESG Supply Chain Policy

Louis Coppola of Governance & Accountability Institute [G&A] shares recent research evaluating the reviews of the major ESG Rating agencies and how these insights can start to translate into effective ESG supply chain policies and practices.


News & Articles

Driving Standardization of ESG Reporting: WFE Guidance and Metrics Mapped to the GRI Standards


2 October 2018

The World Federation of Exchanges has recently published a revised sustainability reporting guidance for their member exchanges. 

​The WFE ESG Guidance and Metrics is fully aligned with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, and the guidelines have now been mapped against the standards in an easy-to-use linkage document.

Read more here.

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World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with jobs This edition examines environmental sustainability in the world of work. It focuses on how climate change and environmental degradation will impact the labour markets, affecting both the volume and quality of employment, and quantifies the shifts expected to take place within and between sectors. Originally published […]

Read more here.

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