Editor’s Note: Standards Matter

The enduring quality of all endeavors relies, in part, on tangible actions and behaviors. To name a few: the application and adherence to ethics, principles, discipline, inventiveness, meeting unmet needs, positively impacting communities and improving social conditions.

At the GSC, we are dedicated to the advancement of Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing. Through this digital publication as well as our companion media channels – discussion forums, conferences and symposia, web meetings, and social media we are committed to raising the level of knowledge-sharing and debate to effect changes on how sourcing business is done.

Successful socially responsible sourcing necessitates developing a global awareness, acceptance and adoption of standard frameworks for RFP’s, SLA’s and other contractual agreements. How this is adopted regionally and locally will depend on many factors. The reality, however, is incontrovertible. Standards set by third parties that define baseline metrics, ratings, and other measurements for Accountability, Transparency and Performance is a “must-have” in order to create meaningful change for the betterment of communities that is built to last.

Sustaining a meaningful dialogue towards that goal is the objective of The Source. Since its inception this newsletter has begun to amplify ways to define and improve the social role of business. We owe much to our outgoing Editor, Diana d’Ambra, for her stewardship and dedication to this mission.

Going forward The Source team and I will be focused on developing a more robust forum incorporating views from trading partners, policymakers, companies, not-for-profits and vested-businesses. Building social benefits on top of commercial profits requires inclusion, honest and respectful communication, and collaborative problem-solving amongst all stakeholders.

We welcome contributors to this discourse. Please share your insight and opinions at contactGSC@gscouncil.org, or contact me directly at jodeen@gscouncil.org.

JoDeen Urban
Editor In Chief

JoDeen is an independent management consultant working with established companies as well as start-ups on strategy, organizational capability and business model innovation.

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