Congratulations to BLabs on California signing the B-Corp Legislation

Global Sourcing Council congratulates BLabs  on a spectacular opening for 2012 by bringing California on board to become the 7th state to sign the benefit corporation B-Corp ( into law.

Maryland, Hawaii, Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey and California – you are the game changers in formulating the new course for sustainable global development for 21st Century! Congratulations on these historic changes!

The B-Corp legislation is on desks of legislators in New York, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Michigan – we are counting on you to join the existing B-Corp states!

The GSC community applauds all of these companies that, on the first day of business in 2012 rushed to  file papers with the state of  California to obtain B-Corp status!

DopeHut, Dharma Merchant Services, Give Something Back Office Supplies, Green Retirement Plans, Patagonia, Rimon Law, Scientific Certification Systems, Solar Works, Sun Light & Power, Terrassure Sustainable Land & Resource Development, Thinkshift Communications.

The global community of GSC wishes you a great success in achieving profit with purpose!

B-Corp is a new, legal form of incorporation ( that allows business to bring social and environmental benefits, along with profit, into the corporate charters.  B-Corp is a certified sustainable business that adheres to the high standards of doing business with purpose in a global environment.  For more info listen to the webinar here:

This is a very exciting beginning of 2012 for B-Labs and the entire business community that strives to bring purpose into the profit and to address social and environmental issues using commercial enterprises.  44 states to go in the US! More changes gloBally!  These are truly historic times!

GSC proudly promotes these goals among its global membership and showcases best examples of sustainable and socially responsible global sourcing through its 3SAwards Program (

B-Lab: We wish you a spectacular 2012 in leading the B-Corp movement!

For GSC Community

Wanda R. Lopuch, Ph.D.

Chair, GSC 3sAwards,

Past Chair of Board, Global Sourcing Council



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