Climate Action and Clean Cookstoves: Lessons Learnt and Opportunities

In 2018, for nearly 3 billion people each day, cooking is conducted on open fires or rudimentary cookstoves that are fueled by coal or unsustainable wood. At a time when pressure to take climate action is increasing, supporting clean cookstoves climate protection projects is ranked as one of the most efficient solution to stabilize our climate and make a positive impact in the world. In addition to the climate benefits associated with their use, clean cookstoves and fuels support vulnerable communities around the world in ways that can be life-changing: empowering women and girls, providing new local jobs, improving health and protecting biodiversity.

This panel discussion organized during Climate Week NYC will present best practices developed to date and then launch into thoughtful discussion around other strategies and tactics that might help businesses, foundations and other non-profit organizations create the most value in their strategy to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, speakers will also explore the whole range of benefits awaiting those taking decisive actions: boosts in trust, quality of stakeholder relationships, and newly-created social value along the value chain.


  • Introduction – Arnaud Brohé, CEO US, CO2Logic

Panel discussion:

  • Jean de Barrau, Sustainable Agriculture Director, Danone
  • Sandra Genee, Director Partnerships, Gold Standard
  • Katie Pogue, Manager, Environment and Climate at Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • Hugh Locke, Co-Founder and President, Smallholder Farmer Alliance
  • Max Thabiso Edkins, Climate Expert, Connect4Climate Program, World Bank Group
  • Bhawani Venkataraman, Associate Professor, The New School (moderator)
Delicious vegan bites will be served by CO2 Neutral restaurant and food sponsor Le Botaniste

  • September 24, 2018

  • Tishman Auditorium, 63 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10003

  • CO2logic + The New School

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