How to Report on the SDGs

Four in ten of the world’s largest companies already reference the UN’s SDGs in their corporate reporting … however, there is not yet an established process, benchmark or standard for reporting on the SDGS…

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The SDG: Materially Impacting the Bottom Line

The SDGs remain an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to consider how they can support and benefit from sustaining robust economic platforms, health and prosperous communities, and a sustainable environment in which to thrive conditions.

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Pirelli 2017 Annual Sustainability Report

Flagship report from the ILO – International Labour Organization

World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with jobs

This edition examines environmental sustainability in the world of work. It focuses on how climate change and environmental degradation will impact the labour markets, affecting both the volume and quality of employment, and quantifies the shifts expected to take place within and between sectors.

Originally published by ILO.

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Climate Change and the Cost of Capital in Developing Countries

“This report represents the first systematic effort to assess the relationship between climate vulnerability, sovereign credit profiles, and the cost of capital in developing countries. Climate risks are multi-dimensional, covering a range of geophysical, social, and economic issues. The intensification of these risks and the degree to which they are accurately priced by financial markets […]