Green Bonds Issuance Set to Reach Record High in 2018 – Moody’s

Where did Moody’s think we were headed in February 2018? “Global green bond issuance is set to grow by around 60% to USD 250 billion in 2018, far exceeding the record USD 155 billion of green bonds issued last year, according to the latest assessment of Moody’s Investors Services.” Read more

The Physical and Financial Risks of Climate Change

This May 2018 European Bank article provides links to videos, report and updates on how changes in the climate impacts the world’s financial and economic sectors.  Read more

HR and CSR: Human Resource’s Role in Sustainable Sourcing

In today’s world, where employees, customers, and stakeholders are savvy to an enterprises’ sustainable practices – including environmental concerns and fair treatment of workers – corporate social responsibility drives an organizations’ productivity, staff recruitment and retention, and even its financial position on the stock market. The month’s The Source focuses on the Human Resources side of supply […]