Message from the Editor:

It is now the end of August and summer is wrapping up.  People across the world are preparing to shift into a new season. The Global Sourcing Council would like to express their gratitude to their membership and to those who are making a conscious effort to live their lives and conduct their businesses in ways that promote economic, financial, environmental and social well-being. This is an abbreviated issue of The Source with a guest editorial by GSC Board member Noel Smyth.  We will be back in mid-September providing links to articles, studies, events and our new Webinar Series, all focusing on various topics within the sustainable sourcing conversation.

Guest Editorial:

Using carbon pricing to grow the economy.

Reducing pollution, creating jobs and eliminating rhetoric drives achievable solutions.

By Noel Smyth, an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase in Global Technology and a Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer.  Mr. Smyth is a Master’s degree candidate in Sustainability from Harvard University.  The views expressed in this article are his own.

A price on carbon can actually grow the economy.   Read More…

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