Feb. 2013 Expert: Todd Yaney | CHRYSLER GROUP

[two_third]Todd Yaney is part of the Corporate Sustainability Core Team at Chrysler Group, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He is responsible for the societal aspects of the organization’s corporate responsibility, which include Chrysler’s workforce and supply chain. Most of his career has been within Procurement and Supply in the U.S. and Europe, creating a strong understanding of the intricacies and real-life aspects facing the global manufacturing supply chain. In 2010 he helped with the development of Chrysler’s Sustainability Team, who published their first CR report in 2011. Todd has served as Chrysler’s Executive-on-loan to AIAG (the Automotive Industry Action Group), where his primary activity was supporting supply chain initiatives with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility and in particular the Global Working Conditions Initiative.[/two_third]



[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]Question 1: How often does the Chrysler supplier sustainability panel meet and is this group facilitated by a third party, i.e. is it more formal than informal? And how big is this panel? (From: Kathrin Bohr; Intertek Sustainability Solutions)[/box]

Answer 1: Chrysler Group’s Supplier Sustainability Panel consists of 13 suppliers who represent a cross section of our supply base. There are suppliers from each of our commodity groups (Chemical, Electrical, Indirect, Logistics, etc.). Of that group, there are large suppliers and small ones, some who are quite mature in sustainability and some who are just starting out. All together, they represent the voice of our suppliers quite well. Our quarterly meetings are facilitated by us, and are hosted either here at Chrysler headquarters or at one of the suppliers’ locations. In all cases, the meetings can be virtually attended online. The meetings by now are very informal, which contributes to the very open dialog that takes place. Each company has a core member, but is always free to bring colleagues who can speak to the agenda topics of the day.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]Question 2: Todd, could you talk more about the auto industry’s collaboration on conflict minerals? (From: Christopher Matthews; WSJ/Dow Jones ; Reporter)[/box]

Answer 2: The best place to find out how the auto industry is collaborating on Conflict Minerals is to go to the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) website. They have a special section for the latest information on industry activities at the Conflict Minerals Resource Page. It is frequently updated with the latest information on what we are doing and also contains several good contacts.


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