Are You a Better Person Today Than You Were Yesterday?

Advise on how to achieve work life balance as we work in an increasingly competitive work environment from the CEO of Celebra LPO India Ltd.

How many of us try to improve our skills and try to become a better person than we were yesterday?

Many of us are caught in the ‘rat race’ of life, trying to work long hours and make as much money as possible for a ‘safe future’, ‘good life style’ and ‘better prospects’. In running this race of life, we fail to see who and what we have left behind. We fail to see if what we are trying to do has any meaning at all and in working today for our future, are we sacrificing our present? We fail to see the small things that give us so much happiness! We fail to see what we are eating and check how healthy we are.

We envy a happy person and wonder how that person can be so HAPPY! What we fail to understand is how simple his or her life style is.

Adopting a healthy and simple life style is the key to great happiness. The more time we have to mingle with our family, our kids and our friends, the happier we will be.

Adopt a Work – Life balance. Career oriented does not mean you have to forget your family and spend eighteen hours a day at work.  This way you will not be happy nor your family or your boss.

Why wouldn’t your boss be happy if you are spending eighteen hours at work every day? No, your boss wouldn’t be happy because you won’t be happy; you would work all the time with a frown on your face, cursing your boss for making you spend eighteen hours at work. Your work will be average and the boss does not appreciate “‘average work”. You have no time to give your valuable inputs, you are not innovative and you have no time to keep yourself ‘update’ with the recent changes that may have developed in your field.

Hence, you are not the kind of person appreciated by your boss. Then he or she would start looking for fresh faces with innovative ideas, one who could ‘work smart’, not only hard. You may feel dejected with your boss’s attitude and start feeling you have no place in this office, so you start looking for a change of job. You don’t feel that the place you work for is YOUR OFFICE and that it deserves your best. You have over the years changed from a brilliant worker to an average worker.  And you have lost your place and your footing in your own office! Is this what you worked for all your life? Is this what you wanted to happen to you? Surely not. Why then has it happened even though you dedicated yourself to working so hard that you did not care enough for your family?  You don’t even remember which school your children went to or which classes they are taking!


Good habits, healthy life style and positive attitude will make you a better person. Always take time to think if you are giving enough time for your own ‘overall development’.

As you grow and age, your body needs more care and what better way than to eat healthy along with a daily shot of exercise! Not only your body, your brain needs to be exercised too, to keep away from memory loss and other old age problems! Play small brain teaser games which not only keep you busy but also exercise your brain and keeps worries away. Stop stressing with unnecessary things and lead a smarter life!

Go with the technology and learn to use new applications. Keep yourself abreast with current affairs around the world. Remember, you are a learner all through your life and the more you learn the better you are as a person!!


Shobha Srinivas is the Chief Executive Officer of  Cerebra LPO India Ltd.  A graduate in law from Bangalore University with a post graduate degree, a Masters in Commerce from Karnatak University, her responsibilities include keeping the aims and objective of Celebra LPO, guarding the quality policy and compliance for the company and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality services.  Ms. Shobha loves to read books and has recently started writing. This article is an excerpt from her unpublished book, “My Experiences and Thoughts”.  You may contact her at