A Huge Thank You from the Global Sourcing Board for Chris Bullen on Her Retirement from Active GSC Board Participation

At the last Global Sourcing Board Meeting, Chris Bullen announced her retirement from active GSC Board participation.

Not only is Chris a founding member, she is a dear and cherished friend. She is a diamond, a force of nature and someone to whom the GSC owes an enormous debt of gratitude. Today, we say thank you.

It’s a very sad day that we say farewell to Chris from active Board duty but we recall her contribution with nothing but appreciation and wonder.

Chris was one of the early few who grasped the vision instantly and applied the energy, organization and dedication to move the GSC forward. Very few connected the 3 tenets of the GSC in 2007 – Sourcing, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. Chris did.

Ask anyone who has grown an organization from an idea – it takes much more than money and much more than ideas. It takes passion, persistence and commitment. Chris has been part mentor, part leader, part colleague and friend. On a road with as many twists and turns as our journey to date, she has kept the pace – and helped set the pace. None could ask for a more generous and inspired colleague to walk with – and it has been our undoubted pleasure.

As a Board and on behalf of the GSC, we offer our sincere thanks to Chris for her work and contribution. You are a treasured friend of the GSC and we stand on your shoulders

Statement from David Kinnear on behalf of the Board of Directors, April 2012