2017 3S Awards Winners, Finalists, and Team

The 2017 3S Awards was a great success!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated sustainable and socially responsible sourcing with us last night! Keep posting your pictures and make sure to hashtag #3sawards!

A big thank you to our lead event and Boot Camp sponsors TeleperformanceMarcumSourcing Industry Group, and Flanders House for their incredible support.

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Opening yesterday’s ceremony, we watched great presentations from Michael Gerrard (Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia Law School) on “Why Earth Needs Good Lawyers”, from Jeff Kirschner (CEO, Litterati) on how “Crowdsourcing the Global Cleanup” can be profitable, and from Arnaud Brohe (CEO, CO2logic) that “Carbon Offsetting the 2017 3S Awards” was possible!

We heard intriguing conversation on the opportunities and challenges to businesses wanting to work with the SDGs from panelists Serena Agnoletto (International Project Manager, CSR, Teleperformance)Karen Newman (Senior Consultant, SDG Fund), and Peter Fusaro (Founder and Chairman, Global Change Associates), with moderator Gregory Elders (Intelligence ESG Analyst, Bloomberg).

And then we awarded the Winners…

(We encourage you to watch all of the Winners’ videos linked below!)

really sustainable evening…

During the reception, we enjoyed the delicious organic, vegan offerings from Le Botaniste and organic, carbon neutral wine from Fetzer Winery, which paired nicely with chocolate from Nominee Coffee Flour.

The beautiful, local flowers cut that morning and delivered by bicycle from Petal by Pedal and after the ceremony collected by Nominee Repeat Roses and donated to The Dwelling Place, a homeless women’s shelter in Manhattan. And how about those cool postcards from Elrhino made from elephant and rhino dung?

All of these sustainable products and services were donated for the ceremony! We thank you!

And now…

Presenting the 2017 3S Awards Winners!

Congratulations to the 2017 3S Awards Winners, Finalists, and Nominees who have collectively changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in their local and global communities, supporting Profit with Purpose.

The Basic Needs Award

1st Place Winner: Svadha WASH Private Limited

Solving the sanitation crisis in India through an integrated sanitation ecosystem

2nd Place WinnerEchale a tu Casa

Providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions to families in need in Mexico.

3rd Place WinnerEcoZoom

Bringing electricity, solar lighting, cleaner cooking with fuel save cookstoves.

For the Climate Change and Environment Award

1st Place Winner: Coffee Flour

Generating economic value to smallholder coffee farmers and millers by turning coffee waste in cooking flour.

2nd Place Winner: Chakr Innovation

Converting fossil fuel combustion into inks and paints through technology.

3rd Place Winner: Elrhino Eco Paper

Generating support for endangered Indian Rhinos and Asian Elephants by making paper products their dung.

For the Social Impact via Technology Innovation Award

1st Place Winner: iKure Technology

Fostering a growing ecosystem of rural health care service in India.

2nd Place Winner: Lotus Foods

Providing consumers with healthier rose by preserving rice biodiversity, increasing farm incomes.

3rd Place Winner: Thrive Impact Sourcing

Partnering with IT training organizations to provide free training and high-quality jobs to those in poverty.

For the Empowerment Award

1st Place Winner: Ayzh

Bringing simplicity ad dignity to women’s health in India.

2nd Place Winner: Wave Academies

Solving the West African region’s widespread youth unemployment crisis.

3rd Place Winner: Bwom Technologies

Changing self-care for women through technology.

For the People’s Choice Award

1st Place Winner: Avante

Offering accessible financial products to low income micro entrepreneurs.

2nd Place Winner: Distinct Horizon

Doubling the profits of poor rice farmers in the developing world.

Congratulations Winners and Finalists! In the General Assembly! Nominees touring the United Nations before the ceremony.

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