Presenting the 2017 3S Awards Winners!

The 2017 3S Awards Winners, Finalists, and Nominees below have collectively changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in their local and global communities, supporting Profit with Purpose.

Social Impact via Technology Innovation Award Winners

1st Place Winner: iKure Techsoft Pvt Ltd

iKure leveraging technology offers holistic primary health care & preventive services by fostering an ecosystem of transformation of rural health care service in India. It provides training & foster community health workers, addressing the scarcity of health care professionals in rural India. Using low-cost technologies, it develops innovative ways of conducting diagnosis and treatments to address root cause of diseases, introduce & provide community-based intervention. Through general medicine (prevention, diagnosis, & treatment of diseases), maternal & child health care, eye care, telemedicine services, pathology services, it has impacted 3.5 million population across 6 states in 1,700 villages in rural India.

2nd Place Winner: Lotus Foods

Founded in 1995, Lotus Foods’ seeks to: preserve rice biodiversity; increase farm incomes; promote sustainability; provide consumers healthier rice. We offer incentives, especially organic and fair trade premiums, and links to markets throughout North America to some of the world’s most disadvantaged farmers. Since 2008, we have created supply chains with farmers in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Madagascar who use the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to double and triple their harvests while using half the water, one-tenth the seeds, no agrochemicals, with less labor for women, and less methane emissions. We educate buyers to become part of the solution.

3rd Place Winner: Thrive Impact Sourcing

Thrive reshapes the socioeconomic trajectory of our community’s untapped talent pool living in poverty by delighting clients through our IT Outsourcing Services. By pioneering an Urban Impact Sourcing model, Thrive provides top quality, competitive and scalable outsourced services for Quality Assurance Testing and Data Transformation solutions, managed locally. Through a proven sourcing, training and delivery model, Thrive provides sustainable careers in the field of IT for an untapped workforce and top quality IT outsourcing services to socially-minded businesses. Together Thrive helps families and companies thrive in our local marketplace.

Empowerment Award Winners

1st Place Winner: Ayzh

Our mission is to bring simplicity and dignity to women’s health. We have proven a sustainable, scale-able model for manufacturing and distributing Clean Births Kits, while engaging and empowering women beneficiaries across our supply chain with education, training and economic opportunity. Through engagement of beneficiaries and strategic partners, we identified clear social need and business opportunity to expand our product line to address additional women’s health needs (Newborn Care, Postpartum Health, and Menstrual Hygiene) and achieve our vision of impacting one billion women, babies and girls by 2030.

2nd Place Winner: WAVE Academics

The video depicts the mission and activities of WAVE (West Africa Vocational Education) to empower disadvantaged West African youth with employability skills to transform their mindsets, and employment opportunities that enhance their social mobility. Set in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where the first WAVE Academy has been in operation since 2013, it shows how we identify, train, and place talented, under-served youth in entry-level jobs in high-growth industries like the retail and hospitality sectors.

3rd Place Winner: Bwom Technologies

Bwom is changing self-care for women through technology. Bwom is a mobile platform that offer women an evaluation and personalized, data based care plans for their intimate health.

Basic Needs Award Winners

1st Place Winner: Svadha WASH Private Limited

Svadha’s mission is to bring dignity to its rural consumers by providing them with customized, convenient, quality & sustained access to complete sanitation solutions via creating livelihood for our saniprenuers who take up sanitation as a business opportunity. Svadha in just 2 years of its existence have demonstrated establishment of an organized sanitation market with a network of approx 255 sanipreneurs, portfolio of innovative products and services and contributed to sanitation access for 20,000 + rural households in state of Odisha, India. Svadha is now expanding its enterprise model in other states and also consulting international NGOs on adopting it.

2nd Place Winner: Echale a tu Casa

Echale a tu Casa is committed to providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions for families in need in Mexico and through out the world. To these day, Echale a tu Casa has provided more than 180,000 with a housing solution impacting over a million individuals.

3rd Place Winner: Ecozoom

EcoZoom’s mission is to bring people (who don’t have electricity) access to lighting with our solar lights, and access to cleaner cooking with our fuel saving cookstoves. Our cookstoves save up to 70% on fuel consumption, helping us reduce deforestation in developing countries. Women and girls spend valuable time travelling long distances to collect fuel, and are adversely affected by toxic cooking smoke. Children living without electricity struggle to study in dim candlelight, or use dirty kerosene lamps. EcoZoom strives to make these basic activities less stressful for those living in less developed nations. To date, we have sold over 100,000 units across 19 different countries! Typically, just one of our clean cookstoves can save up to 40 trees and 12 tons of CO over its 5 year lifetime, thanks to fuel and combustion efficiency. Multiply this by the thousands of cookstoves we have sold, and you can imagine the impact our they have already made!

Climate Change and Natural Resources Award Winners

1st Place Winner: Coffee Flour

Coffee Flour is made from the discarded pulp and skin of the coffee cherry. Once dried and milled, it creates a nutritionally-dense flour that can reduce the environmental damage created through the build-up of excess pulp on coffee farms, generate economic value to smallholder farmers and millers, and bridge dietary gaps in micronutrients. The product is now being incorporated into chocolate, bakery, and beverage products around the globe, while also transforming coffee-growing communities. The potential market for Coffee Flour is approximately equal to that of cocoa, enabling the opportunity for massive impact across the globe.

2nd Place Winner: Chakr Innovation

We aim to spread our technology across the globe that captures particulate matter emission from fossil fuel combustion and converts it into inks and paints. We have currently installed our technology at over 50 locations and have raised $250,000 from investors based out of India, US and Singapore. We have also won over $400,000 in grants.

3rd Place Winner: ElRhino Eco Paper

Elrhino’s mission is to generate support for the endangered Indian Rhinoceros and Asian Elephant with 1000 Forest Ambassadors locally and 1 million aware consumers globally by 2025 . We do this by making paper from natural waste, including the dung of these animals, and linking them with the community’s livelihoods. We make the community invested in the animals and use our products to take their story to each of our consumers. We have saved considerable forest resources, achieved the support of our local community, reduced man-animal animosity and raised awareness about the animals among more than 50,000 consumers.

People’s Choice Award Winners

1st Place Winner: Avante

Avante’s DNA carries the principles of conscious capitalism, with that being said our mission is to humanize financial services offering accessible products for low income micro entrepreneurs. We work with the base of the pyramid FOR the base of the pyramid. As of the end of 2016 we’ve impacted more than 24,000 families and distributed about R$ 82 million in loans. Through technology based products we expect to reach 75,000 clients by the end of 2017.

2nd Place Winner: Distinct Horizon

Distinct Horizon strives to DOUBLE the profits of poor farmers across the developing world, while protecting the ever degrading environment including the soil, air & water. DH exists for the 2 Billion people dependent on smallholder farms worldwide.
We have developed a powered Urea Deep Placement (UDP) applicator and integrated with Soil testing for precise fertilizer application. This can double profits for marginal rice farmers, drastically reduce global warming (0.5MT of CO2 equivalents/season/hectare) and almost eliminate eutrophication (largescale waterbody pollution) & soil degradation. We are providing service to hundreds of farmers in India and thousands more have lined up.