GSC 2017 3S Nominees

Social Impact via Technology Innovation Award

Green Paper Works

Green Paper Works upcycles organic waste to make paper. This paper is handcrafted and chemical free. But that’s not all. They’re also tree free, which means no wood pulp goes into their paper. By utilizing only 100% organic waste to produce green paper as an alternative to regular paper, they’re doing their bit to protect nature and its precious resources. For too long, countless trees have been cut down for paper making. We’re now facing the brunt of our own actions by having to compromise on the quality of the air we breathe and the environment we live in. At Green Paper Works, they transform a vicious circle into a virtuous circle. Their closed loop system endlessly recycles perishable resources into beautiful green paper, keeping pollution and waste at bay!

American Prison Data Systems, PBC

American Prison Data Systems, PBC is a public-benefit corporation and certified B-Corp™.  Our mission is to make correctional facilities safer, more economically efficient, and more effective in turning around the lives of the incarcerated. APDS has developed a safe and secure way to deliver digital content and services developed to address educational and rehabilitative needs to the people behind bars who need it the most.  In less than 4 years in the field, there has been more than 3.5 million man-hours of safe and secure use of the APDS solution with zero physical or digital security issues.

Lotus Foods

Founded in 1995, Lotus Foods’ seeks to: preserve rice biodiversity; increase farm incomes; promote sustainability; provide consumers healthier rice. We offer incentives, especially organic and fair trade premiums, and links to markets throughout North America to some of the world’s most disadvantaged farmers. Since 2008, we have created supply chains with farmers in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Madagascar who use the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to double and triple their harvests while using half the water, one-tenth the seeds, no agrochemicals, with less labor for women, and less methane emissions. We educate buyers to become part of the solution.

Thrive Impact Sourcing

Thrive reshapes the socioeconomic trajectory of our community’s untapped talent pool living in poverty by delighting clients through our IT Outsourcing Services. By pioneering an Urban Impact Sourcing model, Thrive provides top quality, competitive and scalable outsourced services for Quality Assurance Testing and Data Transformation solutions, managed locally. Through a proven sourcing, training and delivery model, Thrive provides sustainable careers in the field of IT for an untapped workforce and top quality IT outsourcing services to socially-minded businesses. Together Thrive helps families and companies thrive in our local marketplace.

iKure Techsoft Pvt Ltd

iKure leveraging technology offers holistic primary health care & preventive services by fostering an ecosystem of transformation of rural health care service in India. It provides training & foster community health workers, addressing the scarcity of health care professionals in rural India. Using low-cost technologies, it develops innovative ways of conducting diagnosis and treatments to address root cause of diseases, introduce & provide community-based intervention. Through general medicine (prevention, diagnosis, & treatment of diseases), maternal & child health care, eye care, telemedicine services, pathology services, it has impacted 3.5 million population across 6 states in 1,700 villages in rural India.

Outline India

As a field of knowledge, a profession, and a science, survey methodology seeks to link the principles of design, collection, processing, and analysis of survey to an understanding of error. Biases and the validity are some of the variables that affect the quality of data. Outline India is committed to strategizing survey methodology tailored to study specifics. Achieving high quality survey results within the scientific aspects of surveys requires applying principles from traditional academic disciplines such as statistics and the social sciences.
Outline India specializes in both quantitative and qualitative studies, wherein, statistical enquiries provides a quantitative foundation to examine sources of error and to summarize their effects while social and cognitive psychology provides the framework for understanding how human behaviour affects accuracy in survey responses. Sociology and Anthropology offers theories of social stratification and cultural diversity that facilitates qualitative research. The interdisciplinary team-mix contributes to the foundation of survey methodology. This makes operation inherently multidisciplinary and dynamic.


AVANI mission is to provide local employment opportunities using local resources and appropriate technology. In the last couple of years, we have been able to do some significant work in changing the social fabric of the place as well as environmental.
At present, this is the status of the project –
– Total Number of direct Beneficiaries – 1400 ;
– Total income generated – INR 3,64,00,000;
– Number of trees planted – 5366;
– Necessary certification of the natural dyes and products completed – Craftmark, GOTS, SGS
– Completed standarization of natural dyeing printing techniques.
– Increased Social Media interaction and revenue generation from the system.


Avante’s DNA carries the principles of conscious capitalism, with that being said our mission is to humanize financial services offering accessible products for low income micro entrepreneurs. We work with the base of the pyramid FOR the base of the pyramid. As of the end of 2016 we’ve impacted more than 24,000 families and distributed about R$ 82 million in loans. Through technology based products we expect to reach 75,000 clientes by the end of 2017.


Coolar has developed a refrigerator that is powered by heat instead of electricity.
With its innovative, sustainable and entirely electricity independent adsorption cooling technology, Coolar aims to improve refrigeration of vaccines in remote off-grid health facilities in developing regions. The goal is to bring the technology to those who need it most.

In order to do this Coolar has completed multiple prototypes who were tested with external partners and demonstrated its technology with positive feedback from 5 remote health centres in northern Kenya.
Ultimately the green cooling technology of Coolar can be adapted to make cooling greener in a variety of applications. Coolar wants to change the way cooling is done!


Almost 700 international artists – mainly photographers, but illustrators as well – sell their pictures on Customers can either buy high quality fine art photography from the gallery, or print their own pictures. With every purchase, up to 50% of the revenue goes towards an educational or development project in the region, in which the picture was taken. So far, we have been able to successfully finance 55 projects this way. The idea is to let the subjects of our pictures benefit from the proceeds as well.


Fairphone is a social enterprise that produces a smartphone to inspire change in the electronics industry. We focus on creating impact in 4 different areas: fair materials, good working conditions, long lasting design and reuse recycling. For our Fairphone 2 we are now able to source all conflict minerals, tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, form conflict free sources and have integrated Fairtrade gold into the supply chain. Due to the modular design of the Fairphone 2 users can keep their phone for longer and save 30% of Co2 emissions and valuable resources needed to produce smartphones.

Farm from a Box

The need to provide a sustainable food supply both domestically and globally is significant and riddled with challenges.  From dwindling natural resources, to a lack of infrastructure that can support reliable crop growth, we need to provide communities with the tools to grow their own food locally and earn a livelihood.

In response, we developed a comprehensive solution that acts as the “Swiss-Army knife” of sustainable farming; a single, deliverable unit that contains all of the core components needed for a 2-acre farm. Powered by renewable energy, Farm from a Box is ideal for any application that requires a comprehensive system that enables sustained local food production, without need for an existing grid.


Our mission is to allow content creators to monetize there social media activities without the need of including ads before posts.

Kricket Co

Kricket is a crowd-mapping network for people and organizations to coordinate the distribution of humanitarian aid.


Create products that are a symbol of hope and awareness. Developing with sustainable and recycled materials with the same quality and design as the non-recycled ones, protecting our world for future generations.
Sustainable fashion isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle. Working with recycled materials and taking care of the environment, we collaborate with the NGO TECHO to enable them to fulfill their mission to overcome poverty step by step, educating children, training adults and building houses in slums, encouraging a better life quality!
Our story; a dream come true We propose not only to imagine the future we want, but to create it proactively step by step.

Livity Africa

We exist to work with young people and for young people; to harness and accelerate their ability to create their own sustainable livelihoods – with a voice, a living and freedom to be their best selves. Through our Digify programme (as well as our Live SA academy), we train young people in digital marketing and in multimedia in SA, Nigeria and Kenya; we create and build platforms to amplify young people’s voices; we work with brands and companies whose campaigns and goals are driven by a social impact imperative. We work with funders and businesses that want to create deep, impactful social change, using young people.


We are a company that seeks to improve the quality of life of people by generating new income and contributing to the environment.

Until today, PROTRASH has been doing everything to starts its operations and gets closer everyday.
PROTRASH participated in the international contest of social entrepreneurship, Hult Prize being one of the final six teams that have a chance to pitch their business idea at the Clinton Global Initiative; we had a great response and had the opportunity to make a lot of networking. After Hult Prize we have been entering to different applications in Mexico and international. PROTRASH was running pilots for 6 months in five different communities, impacting more than 400 people and recycling 3 tons of recyclable waste. PROTRASH also has received investment from an angel investor; that money was used to develop our innovative system.

ResQ Club

Mission: To fight unnecessary waste and increase the sustainability of urban communities by allowing our club members to easily discover local delicious food and exciting experiences. Let’s put valuable
resources to valuable use!
Vision: To be the most efficient and convenient location-sensitive
B2C marketplace for fast-perishing surplus resources,
and a growing movement of enthusiastic and proud
resQ’ers, living life to the fullest through exciting
So far we have over 95 000 registered users and 3000+ users joining per week. Over 250 provider partners publish portions weekly. We already have a strong presence in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and the Netherlands and we are experiencing steady growth in the number of both users and food providers.
On the impact side, we have sold over 150 000 portions which equals to carbon emissions prevented equal to 12,000 London-Paris flights.


The mission of SHEROES is to help 100 million women with their career and growth aspirations. As of now we have touched 1% of our target

Simpa Networks

Simpa provides solar power on financing to households and small shops in rural and semi-urban India. It’s a rooftop solar leasing model that is enabled by Simpa’s proprietary and patented prepaid metering technology. The pay-as-you-go model seeks to make clean energy simple, affordable and accessible. Simpa also provides after sale services to its customers, making it unique from any other player in the sector in India. Simpa has demonstrated the commercial viability of the model in 8 districts of Uttar Pradesh in India, and is looking at rapid scale up in the next 3 years.

Skycision Inc.

Skycision’s mission is to help address Global Food Security by empowering growers across the world to enhance their yield potential through the early detection of stress and disease in their fields. We’ve deployed to over 80 vineyards in Napa Valley and have since expanded into Strawberries in the Salinas Valley and Row Crops in the Mid South.
With 2B people being added to the population by 2050, we have to increase food production by 70%. We can either change the way we farm, or find a way to do it better. Skycision is here to provide a solution to the global agriculture industry that helps farmers across the globe harvest the true potential of their farms.

Social Stock Exchange

We bring together pro-social and pro-environmental businesses with like-minded investors of all sizes. Businesses which seek to deliver an impact as well as a financial return have found it too expensive to access capital markets at scale for too long. We are addressing that imbalance, helping impact businesses raise finance and also providing a secondary market for the trading of these impact investments.

Think I.N.K.

Think I.N.K. LLC is a Zero waste recycling company. Our mission is eliminate Landfills and to preserve life and nature for the next seven generations. Using the most innovative and environmentally responsible method to date. We intend to make enough profit to generate a significant return for our investors and to finance continued growth and continued development in quality products. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

B-G Innovative Safety Systems LLC.

Sustain Safety. Never Drive with One Headlight Again!

Manomama GmbH

Usually a company is based on a new product idea or an innovative service. To do this, the appropriate company is then sought and the project is a success. At manomama it is different. The idea was and is man. “People, let us do something where we can give people who otherwise oppose any company a chance to make their own acquisitions and thereby enable them to share in our society,” Founder Sina Trinkwalder said. What emerged today from what our colleagues call “family”, suppliers and customers “friends” and Sina “life task”: manomama.

Moving Worlds

The MovingWorlds matching site and support team connects professionals to social impact organizations for Experteering engagements around the world. MovingWorlds is a social impact organization addressing the global talent gap. Our online platform and community connects people who want to travel and volunteer their expertise directly with social impact organizations around the world. We maintain quality by selectively sourcing professionals and organizations who then interact through our website to find each other for “Experteering” engagements. Both “Experteers” and “Hosts” also have access to our MovingWorlds exclusive training, resources, and planning guide to help ensure safe, high-impact engagements. In addition, forward thinking corporations can leverage the same platform to create and manage worldwide skills-based volunteering programs for employees.

Food For All

App tackling food waste by letting you buy food restaurants didnt sell by the end of the day, up to 80% cheaper


Our mission is to “Together, let’s make plastics green”. To usher in next generation sustainable plastic for global sustainable consumption and production.

Empowerment Award

CareNX Innovations

CareMother is first of its kind mobile healthcare technology to detect High Risk Pregnancies earlier on. CareMother acts as mobile monitoring tool and mHIMS (Health Information Management System) for gynecologists,doctors and patients.
At door care in rural region saves tests and traveling expenses for pregnant women. Further it reduces operating  expenses of implementing agencies by decentralizing services through health workers and one click data management.
CareMother with its existing partners has already proven the benefits of at door/at hand pregnancy care with kit and app.


Greensole is a social enterprise refurbishing discarded shoes to comfortable footwear and providing them to people in need and retailing them as well to self sustain and grow the social venture.
Our mission is to have footwear on every feet forever. In the short term we are donating footwear to children in need, however we would establish training and skilling workshops creating a self-sustaining infrastructure to support our vision in the long term.

Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement

Ilaramatak Lo-Orkonerei-Institute is an Indigenous Peoples (Pastoralists) Organization based in Arusha, Manyara and Kilimanjaro regions in Northern Tanzania. IOPA is a membership Pastoralists Organization/society with over one thousand and eighty members (1084) pastoral men and women. It was purposely established to promote and advance the existence of dry land pastoralism as well as enhancement of the Maasai pastoralist culture, identity and dignity as well as a right to self-determination for the Maasai Indigenous Peoples.
IOPA main Goal is to facilitate, direct, shape and promote the social and economic transformation of Pastoral peoples from subsistence economy to a long-term sustainable economy in accordance to new directions and alternatives in the 21st Century. The purpose of the IOPA is to facilitate and bring about positive Social, Economic and  cultural transformation of  Maasai people (pastoralist) from a present weak and undesirable situation to a bright, sustainable and long lasting advanced future.

Turquoise Mountain

In Afghanistan, where social barriers facing women wishing to enter the workforce are high, Turquoise Mountain gives Afghan women the tools they need to become successful artisan entrepreneurs. Over 50% of the student body at the Turquoise Mountain Institute in the crafts of calligraphy and jewelry are women, and those who graduate are supported to establish their own businesses, build international market linkages, and change international perceptions of Afghanistan through participation in exhibitions, such as at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. in 2016. Turquoise Mountain also provides bursaries to ensure that Afghan women from poor backgrounds can become artisan entrepreneurs.

Frontier Markets

FM targets the access challenge faced by rural household for quality products. Over half the worlds population uses deadly cooking and lighting practices that kill over 2 million people annually, where half of these deaths are children under the age of 5 (WHO). Product solutions exist to fix this staggering issue, but the problem still lies in the education and distribution channel for these products that does not exist at scale. Frontier Markets responds to the market failure to provide rural BOP villagers in India with access, training, and servicing for clean-energy products. Despite a clear demand, rural villagers are reluctant to purchase clean energy solutions either because they are not educated on how they work, have skewed quality perceptions of solar due to government subsidies and cheap products that flooded the market, and a lack of trust in solar based on an inferior product purchased in the past. Product companies exist that design products with this target customer group in mind, but they lack on-the-ground infrastructure to deliver these to last-mile locations, do not understand the rural customer, and do not have the capability to provide education and servicing after a sale is made.

Empower Generation

Empower Generation (EG) is an innovative social enterprise combating poverty in Nepal by reducing gender inequality and increasing access to energy. Last April we began Project Sol, a donation response project to distribute free solar power and light to those affected by the earthquake. The objectives are:
• To provide immediate solar power and light relief to remote communities displaced by the earthquake.
• To support long-term rebuilding by expanding our women-led solar distribution network– recruiting new sales agents and starting new solar enterprises serving the affected community. Project Sol is developed in three phases (Relief, Restore and Resilience)

Techno Brain Lts

Techno Brain helps global enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies, by providing leading technology, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Since our inception in 1997, we have built our strategy around innovation, technology, and teamwork. Techno Brain’s focus on innovation has let us deliver ground-breaking solutions across verticals. We help enterprises adapt to evolving markets and new technological paradigms through our strategic consulting, application and enterprise management solutions, and advanced technologies including Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Analytics.

Booomers International Ltd

Booomers International Limited is an environmentally friendly bamboo bicycle manufacturing and distribution company in Ghana, West Africa, which sells to various global distributors. Our company seeks to address the issues of youth unemployment, climate change, poverty, and rural-urban migration. The organization sources its raw materials from the local rural farmers who get an economic value from the bamboo grown on their farms. The company provides chain of jobs through bamboo harvesting, product manufacturing and distribution. Currently, they have directly employed 17 rural youth and indirectly employed about 10 youth through harvesting and assembling of our bikes.

DesiCrew Services

DesiCrew Services Kaup Pvt Ltd, is a Rural BPO company that provides jobs for educated youth in Kaup village. By working out of their villages, their earnings and savings are significantly higher than their family members, who are into agriculture. As our employees earn and grow, they become role models for other young girls in their community to pursue higher education and a career. Our mission is in line with UN’s SDG #8–Decent Work and Economic growth. As Kavipriya says at the end of video, educated women youngsters need not migrate to cities in search of a career.

WAVE Academics

The video depicts the mission and activities of WAVE (West Africa Vocational Education) to empower disadvantaged West African youth with employability skills to transform their mindsets, and employment opportunities that enhance their social mobility. Set in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where the first WAVE Academy has been in operation since 2013, it shows how we identify, train, and place talented, under-served youth in entry-level jobs in high-growth industries like the retail and hospitality sectors.

Bom Aluno Institute

In 1993, Programa Bom Aluno was founded intending to contribute for the country’s improvement, looking for the solution of social inequality, developing and enabling good students with limited financial resources, transforming them in examples not only as professionals but also as citizens. In 2000, because of its standardized methodology and results that prove its potential to be widespread, Bom Aluno Institute was created with the intention of expanding the role model all over the country through social franchising Nowadays, it contemplates 446 graduating students and it has graduated 293 in five different cities in Brazil.

Sexy Socks

Sexy Socks is a socially driven sock company that aims to use school socks as a vehicle to educate students on social entrepreneurship, and how it can be used as a force for change in South Africa. For every pair of locally produced bamboo socks that we sell, we sponsor a pair of school socks, providing children with a staple they would otherwise likely go without. We aim to inspire the children to think bigger than their world may allow, not to under-value themselves, and to teach them to use business as a force for good.

Akili Dada

Akili Dada is a leadership incubator nurturing the next generation of African women leaders. We offer scholarships, mentoring, and leadership training to high-achieving young women from under-resourced backgrounds who are passionate about social change.


RuralShores is the world’s largest rural outsourcing organization, employing over 3500 rural youth in 8 states through 18 centers. RuralShores aims at employing underprivileged youth in rural India access to job opportunities that they have been deprived of, due to their geography. Through this intervention, RuralShores has been able to empower women by giving them financial independence, promote higher education, by helping young adults to fund their college fees through job, and make a significant impact in the lives of thousands, directly dependent on these youth for their survival.


Our mission is to bring simplicity and dignity to women’s health. We have proven a sustainable, scale-able model for manufacturing and distributing Clean Births Kits, while engaging and empowering women beneficiaries across our supply chain with education, training and economic opportunity. Through engagement of beneficiaries and strategic partners, we identified clear social need and business opportunity to expand our product line to address additional women’s health needs (Newborn Care, Postpartum Health, and Menstrual Hygiene) and achieve our vision of impacting one billion women, babies and girls by 2030.

Global Press

Global Press exists to pave a new way forward for international journalism. Acknowledging the flaws and limitations in both foreign correspondence and citizen journalism, Global Press offers a powerful third way. Global Press Institute (GPI) trains women in developing media markets around the world to be ethical, investigative, feature journalists. After completing the Institute’s 24-module training program, trainees are employed as professional reporters at Global Press Journal. At the Journal, reporters cover the topics of their choice, supported by a sophisticated editorial structure that offers deep insight, extraordinary context and complete accuracy. Once complete, local language and English versions of stories are published on the Journal and distributed via Global Press News Service, the syndication division of Global Press.

Inspirational Undies

The mission of Inspirational Undies is to provide comfort for child cancer patients with 100% organic underwear that display motivational messages and positive affirmations! Inspirational Undies are made with 100% organic hemp fabric which not only caters specifically to the sensitive skin of a cancer patient, but also our environment, while the motivational messages and positive affirmations provide a natural way to implement mental healing.

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria

Paradigm Initiative seeks to build an ICT-enabled support system and advocate digital rights, in order to improve livelihoods for under-served youth. We typically target youth aged 12 – 28 in underserved communities such as Dakata in Kano state Nigeria, as depicted in the video. These youths are usually cut off from opportunities and cannot afford the skills training they need to break out of poverty. We provide this opportunity through our free LIFE (Life-Skills, ICTs, Financial Readiness and Entrepreneurship) Training. We have recorded successes as evidenced by the improved livelihoods of young people who participate in the programme

Bwom Technologies

Bwom is changing self-care for women through technology. Bwom is a mobile platform that offer women an evaluation and personalized, data based care plans for their intimate health.

The Climber

The Climber is an ed-tech startup that helps students discover and pursue their passions. Our main programme, MyCaptain is an online youth mentoring youth platform where young achievers guide and mentor high school and college students who share the same career aspirations. We are present in 12 different cities in India and have impacted more than 40000 students through our various online and offline programmes so far. We have been recognised as one of the top 50 youth led solutions in the world by the UN SDSN Report of January 2017 solving UN SDGs

SOKO, Inc.

Soko is an ethical production platform that connects artisan communities in the developing world with consumers worldwide. We are catalyzing global supply chain innovation by using design and innovation to reinvent the broken standards of production to transform the way consumers purchase, retailers source, and brands produce. The 150,000+ units sold to date have translated into $1M+ artisan revenue for our network of 1,800+ artisans. Soko artisans benefit from a 5x average income increase within 3-4 months of joining Soko. Within five years our goal is to work with 35,000+ artisans, benefitting their 150,000+ family and community members.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) is a full-service summer school operator that partners with schools to provide high-quality academic summer programming. Our evidence-based, near-peer mentorship model matches elementary and middle school scholars with older, high achieving mentors from the same communities. The classes are lead by teaching fellows who are placed under the guidance of an experienced teacher, resulting in a full-day academic experience that is both focused and fun. We believe that everyone in the community has an important role to play in ensuring that the next generation can thrive academically, and we leverage all of our stakeholders to drive academic outcomes and increase student engagement. We operate our program under the premise of four basic pillars: Near-peer Mentorship, Academic Excellence, Cultural Learning, and Community Service.



Be Bold. Be You. Be Uma.
Uma is an organization empowering mothers with a desire to re-enter the workforce. Our curated networking events, resource library & career counseling will be purpose built for the modern economy.

Young Mountain Tea

Our mission is to bring the voices and values of remote Himalayan communities into global decision making.  We do that three ways – first, we work with Indian and Nepali farmers to produce organic specialty tea, using marketing as a way to tell these communities stories. Second, we run guided trips to bring Westerners to our partner communities, fostering cultural exchange and experiential learning. Finally, we connect our Himalayan partners to American university research, and organize US-based lecture series for them. Collectively, these activities brings the wisdom of underrepresented communities to international influencers.

uPort / by Consensys

uports mission is to build a global platform for persistent, self sovereign identity that can be linked to legacy identity systems and that can serve as the foundation for persistent, portable reputation.

We have built the uport mobile app for self-sovereign identity where individual people can
o issue credentials others about themselves and
o securely sign into enabled web applications
o approve or deny data requests
o view history of interactions
o transfer funds in an account
We are:
• thought leaders on digital identity at industry events across sectors and in academic and technical circles
• have published developer tools for easy integration with uport
• open source with a goal to becoming the standard digital identity protocol
• won 1st price at demo day/ Shanghai for best project

Basic Needs Award


Sevamob’s mission is to fundamentally transform healthcare in the developing countries. Sevamob provides health, hygiene and nutrition services in under-served urban and and rural areas via popup clinics and a tech platform. In just 4 years, Sevamob has replicated the model in 8 states of India and in South Africa. They provide 20,000+ patient consultations per month. Sevamob’s customers include schools, employers, NGOs, clinics and hospitals. In select groups, Sevamob has reduced malnutrition by 15%, dental issues by 30% and addressed vision defects by 25% and reduced seasonal and infectious diseases.

Svadha WASH Private Limited

Svadha’s mission is to bring dignity to its rural consumers by providing them with customized, convenient, quality & sustained access to complete sanitation solutions via creating livelihood for our saniprenuers who take up sanitation as a business opportunity. Svadha in just 2 years of its existence have demonstrated establishment of an organized sanitation market with a network of approx 255 sanipreneurs, portfolio of innovative products and services and contributed to sanitation access for 20,000 + rural households in state of Odisha, India. Svadha is now expanding its enterprise model in other states and also consulting international NGOs on adopting it.


BioBots is building tools to design and engineer living things. We believe that biology has the power to dramatically transform the world around us. Our customers work across all areas of life, from personalized medicines that cure diseases all the way to fabricated organs that promise to eliminate the organ waiting list, and new organisms that may someday help us live on Mars, BioBots is empowering scientists with the tools to build with life.

Echale a tu Casa

Echale a tu Casa is committed to providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions for families in need in Mexico and through out the world. To these day, Echale a tu Casa has provided more than 180,000 with a housing solution impacting over a million individuals.


EcoZoom’s mission is to bring people (who don’t have electricity) access to lighting with our solar lights, and access to cleaner cooking with our fuel saving cookstoves. Our cookstoves save up to 70% on fuel consumption, helping us reduce deforestation in developing countries. Women and girls spend valuable time travelling long distances to collect fuel, and are adversely affected by toxic cooking smoke. Children living without electricity struggle to study in dim candlelight, or use dirty kerosene lamps. EcoZoom strives to make these basic activities less stressful for those living in less developed nations. To date, we have sold over 100,000 units across 19 different countries! Typically, just one of our clean cookstoves can save up to 40 trees and 12 tons of CO over its 5 year lifetime, thanks to fuel and combustion efficiency. Multiply this by the thousands of cookstoves we have sold, and you can imagine the impact our they have already made!


Our mission is to implement a development model based on sustainable trade, as opposed to dependence-nurturing aid in economically under-developed regions in Africa. We also aim to show how successful foreign investment and Fair Trade principles can be when applied to new enterprise in Africa. Since our inception, we have opened the world’s first Fair Trade Certified footwear factory and employed over 130 local craftspeople in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our fair wages and benefits have also earned us a B-corp designation and inclusion in the 1% For The Planet program.

African Renewable Energy Distributor

ARED is a hard-tech as a service company (HAAS). They developed a business in a box solar kiosk, app and software platform that can empower mostly women and people with disability using a micro franchise business model. ARED offers key services on the kiosk such as internet WIFI and charging phone and with their app they offer additional services such as airtime, mobile money, prepaid electricity, tax payment. On the intranet network ARED offers branding capabilities for companies, collection of data, analytics.


BRCK Limited, a consumer Electronics Company based in Nairobi is the manufacturer of a revolutionary education solution known as the Kio Kit – a simple and elegant solution made op of 40 tablets, a BRCK, wireless charging and content. It is also known as a digital classroom in a box that turns every class into a digital classroom. Our vision is to enable millions of children in schools across emerging markets access digital education tools for better learning therefore we are not just creating technology but we are positively impacting the education space around the world.

SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS’ mission is to provide Ugandan communities with increased access to safe drinking water by locally manufacturing and distributing affordable ceramic water filters called the Purifaaya. SPOUTS is the only water filter manufacturer in Uganda and uses local labor and materials for production and distribution, providing jobs and stimulating the local economy. Since the sale of the first Purifaaya in 2015, SPOUTS has provided over 85,000 individuals in 200 different communities across Uganda’s four regions with access to clean drinking water.


Original Indian Table (an initiative by CropConnect) is a lifestyle intervention working at the nexus of agriculture, nutrition and health designed to improve health outcomes for our customers and encourage farmers to practice traditional sustainable farming. We provide the growing market segment of health and environmentally conscious individual and institutional consumers with local indigenous product alternatives. We source produce directly from farmers and farmer groups practicing sustainable farming across 20 Indian states and bring them as a holistic experience for the customers by coupling the product with details on nutrition, origin and recipes.

Climate Change and Natural Resources Award

Coffee Flour

Coffee Flour is made from the discarded pulp and skin of the coffee cherry. Once dried and milled, it creates a nutritionally-dense flour that can reduce the environmental damage created through the build-up of excess pulp on coffee farms, generate economic value to smallholder farmers and millers, and bridge dietary gaps in micronutrients. The product is now being incorporated into chocolate, bakery, and beverage products around the globe, while also transforming coffee-growing communities. The potential market for Coffee Flour is approximately equal to that of cocoa, enabling the opportunity for massive impact across the globe.

Portafolio Verde

Portafolio Verde is a private organization, founded in the City of Medellín, Colombia in July 2005. The organization researches, develops, and implements solutions and strategies aimed towards a Sustainable Development through an innovative knowledge management system. It provides integral, innovative and effective solutions that maximize the positive impact of governments, organizations and individuals to contribute to the Sustainable Development goals, with talent and capacity of service. Portafolio Verde is a consultancy development firm towards Sustainable Development.

Chakr Innovation

We aim to spread our technology across the globe that captures particulate matter emission from fossil fuel combustion and converts it into inks and paints. We have currently installed our technology at over 50 locations and have raised $250,000 from investors based out of India, US and Singapore. We have also won over $400,000 in grants.

ElRhino Eco Paper

Elrhino’s mission is to generate support for the endangered Indian Rhinoceros and Asian Elephant with 1000 Forest Ambassadors locally and 1 million aware consumers globally by 2025 . We do this by making paper from natural waste, including the dung of these animals, and linking them with the community’s livelihoods. We make the community invested in the animals and use our products to take their story to each of our consumers. We have saved considerable forest resources, achieved the support of our local community, reduced man-animal animosity and raised awareness about the animals among more than 50,000 consumers.

Emerald Brand

Emerald Brand’s mission is to mainstream sustainability in the disposables category. Our model centers around utilizing agricultural by-products & safer chemicals in our finished goods. We support farmers by purchasing by-products from their crops, preventing them from being burned. This process prevents deforestation & the use of dangerous fossil-fuel based plastics in our everyday products. Since 1997, Emerald Brand’s top priority has been the health and wellness of the public and the environment. Emerald’s mission to produce everyday products from sustainable, alternative materials at affordable prices started on Long Island, NY and now reaches homes and businesses all over the world. Emerald currently offers 250 SKUs in the jan/san and food service categories, and has become the expert in using renewable materials to create high quality sustainable solutions and provide their clients with a meaningful environmental impact.
Emerald is expanding its mission domestically by bringing its Tree-Free™ paper and packaging production to American farms. Many American farmers are forced to burn and discard the dry pulp residue after it is extracted from crops including sugarcane, wheat, corn, etc. Burning and wasting this valuable material takes time and energy away from farmers, and causes local air pollution to increase within the community. Emerald is going to make use for American farmer’s traditionally wasted by-products and transform them into high quality everyday products, while increasing American farmer’s revenue, creating jobs, and eliminating local air pollution.

KDC Agribusiness LLC

KDC Ag’s goal is over the next 5 years to eliminate and re-purpose food waste to create more sustainable food. KDC Ag has the exclusive license of the patented California Safe Soil technology (which the Kamine Family were the initial investors of over 5 years ago) which takes fresh supermarket food waste (fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, seafood, dairy, baked goods) and, in a short 3 hour process, creates a sustainable liquid fertilizer and animal feed. This process mimics the human digestive process and is currently commercialized in CA where it processes 15 tons of fresh food waste every 3 hours and services approximately 25,000 acres of crops. KDC Ag, with its background in infrastructure and as the exclusive licensee, is working to deploy this technology throughout the country

Repeat Roses

Repeat Roses is used by hotels, restaurant and event venues, social event planners, wedding designers, corporate event planners, florists and large enterprise companies, SMB’s and not-for-profits. With an estimated 400 – 600 pounds of garbage generated per event, the Repeat Roses mission is to divert a large portion of waste from ending up in a landfill where it ultimately creates harmful pollutants – and instead bring the joy of flowers to those in the community that will benefit most from an emotional boost.


The history of TriCiclos began in 2009 in Chile with the dream of creating a company based on the triple bottom line of sustainability. From this legal commitment came the name and the permanent objective of work balancing the three cycles (social, environmental and financial). Currently our headquarters are in Brazil and we are starting activities in several countries. We are proud to have been the first certified B Corp outside North America. We want to make sustainability contagious. We see waste as a consequence of consumer habits and the current development models; and we understand there are continuous opportunities for change whether in cultural or in production processes, through which we can achieve in a positive way both recycling cooperatives that provide services on our Clean Points, and companies, government or citizens, allowing the construction of more sustainable habits in our society.


CO2logic’s mission is to help organizations become carbon neutral. We do this by assessing and reducing our client’s carbon footprints and by supporting sustainability projects with our client’s support. One project is Wanrou, in which CO2logic works with EcoBenin to provide woodstoves to communities in Benin, Africa. Open-fire cooking required a lot of time, effort, and wood, and created many health and environmental problems. The woodstoves use half the wood and time as open fires. They also reduce smoke, improving health and the local environment. This project is important to CO2logic because it achieves multiple sustainability goals and helps communities..

PK Clean

PK Clean’s mission is to end plastic waste from entering landfills and oceans, by converting it into high value fuels such as diesel. PK Clean’s first facility in Salt Lake City, Utah has proven the process at scale and it has been the recipient of government funding and awards. PK Clean’s next facility is underway in Canada, and it is working on deploying a global pipeline of its plastic waste to fuel facilities. PK Clean also works with the non-profit Plastic Ocean Project on deploying its system to use for plastic waste collected at sea and from beach cleanups.
(password to watch video: oceanplastic)

RE2H2 Energy Development LLC

Our mission is to develop and finance renewable energy systems integrated with hydrogen for energy storage. We focus on the deployment of microgrids for communities, manufacturing industrial processes and essential services such as hospitals, in emerging markets that (i) lack access to grid electricity or (ii) are subject to interruptible, high cost imported fossil fuel derived electricity. Within North America, we focus on the deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure for the fuel cell electric vehicle market, as well as deploy hydrogen energy storage solutions in select markets..

Renewable Energies, Inc.

Our vision is to not just reduce, but eliminate pollution & generate sustainable renewable energies and our mission is to provide efficient technology for clean energy generation. Renewable Energies, Inc. is a Memphis based company in the business of eliminating pollution. We have incorporated technological innovations in processing waste and reducing greenhouse gas effects and carbon footprint. We are a company comprised of Scientists, Innovators and Engineers with good balance of Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Financing, legal and Governmental personnel on board. We have a client base ready to implement our Waste 2 Clean Energy (W2CE) units to eliminate pollution.

The Eco Laundry

The ultimate mission of TELC is to change the industry for good. We use environmentally friendly organic soaps and softeners, we created laundry bags made from salvaged and recycled materials, we adopted the GreenEarth® dry cleaning process to avoid Perc, the toxic chemical used in almost all dry cleaners in the US today. We use renewable wind energy and together with we have planted nearly 15,000 trees, with thousands more to come in the next couple of years.
TELC tackles social inequality by paying living wages and committing to hiring from and sourcing supplies from local and underrepresented communities.

Saathi Eco Innovations Pvt Ltd

Saathi enables people to live more sustainable lifestyles while also empowering marginalized communities. Our patent-pending fibre processing technology creates eco-friendly, skin-safe products from banana and other naturally absorbent fibres. We believe in a cradle-to-cradle approach to manufacturing that benefits farmers, women and their communities at every step. Our women-led company was founded in 2015 by graduates from MIT and Nirma U. and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.


AQEX, or Aqua Exchange LLC, provides informational services and products to financiers, policy makers, and investment executives interested in the emerging market of natural capital such as water, waste, and biofuels. We specialize in information technology of environmental resources as well as the financial strategy and government laws that guide insightful and successful investments.

Distinct Horizons

Distinct Horizon strives to DOUBLE the profits of poor farmers across the developing world, while protecting the ever degrading environment including the soil, air & water. DH exists for the 2 Billion people dependent on smallholder farms worldwide.
We have developed a powered Urea Deep Placement (UDP) applicator and integrated with Soil testing for precise fertilizer application. This can double profits for marginal rice farmers, drastically reduce global warming (0.5MT of CO2 equivalents/season/hectare) and almost eliminate eutrophication (largescale waterbody pollution) & soil degradation. We are providing service to hundreds of farmers in India and thousands more have lined up.