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Community Engagement Award

Techno Brain Ltd.

As part of the larger KNH ICT Master Plan, which aims at transformation at the hospital, Techno Brain was given the responsibility of digitizing medical records for Ear, Nose and Throat clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital. The project is funded by the Rockefeller foundation, as part of their Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative. The initiative promotes the field of impact sourcing, through creation of employment to many jobless youth.Techno brain followed the same Impact Sourcing model that is about employing those at the bottom of the pyramid, while impacting the lives through good services with the digitized records. Techno Brain has deployed 35 people who were directly employed to offer services after a two week immersion course.

Sweet Beginnings, LLC

Sweet Beginnings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the nonprofit North Lawndale Employment Network, is a social enterprise launched in 2004 to create jobs for those with little or no work experience and a criminal background – some of the hardest to employ individuals in our society. Sweet Beginnings owns and cares for 131 beehives at four locations, with a fifth coming this summer. These are urban apiaries, an apiary at O’Hare International Airport, and another at the county forest preserve. Sales outlets include major chains – Hudson News, Mariano’s groceries, Whole Foods, GrubHub, and others.

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria

The L.I.F.E. program is a train-the-trainer capacity building initiative that uses the relay training model and positive peer pressure concept to transform notorious slums in Nigeria, as a model intervention for other underserved communities. L.I.F.E is an acronym that means Life Skills, ICTs, Financial Readiness and Entrepreneurship Skills. Following weeks of training in the above stated skills, the forty applicants selected every quarter are matched with companies to complete internships or supported to pursue their entrepreneurial interests in order to transform their lives by giving them a chance to improve their livelihoods.

Advancement for Rural Kids, Inc. (ARK)

ARK’s 5 cent/lunch feeding program solves root issues by getting rural kids back to school. The lunch, comprised of fresh and organic vegetables and protein, is served to every kid every day class is in session (other programs feed only ‘malnourished’ and at 7x cost). ARK’s program is groundbreaking, affordable and definitely not a hand-out.
To access the program, the community is asked to work together, to invest in themselves by developing on their own critical assets like kitchens and backyard gardens. Parents and teachers volunteer to operate the kitchen and manage the program themselves. The parents and the community are empowered to become suppliers of the feeding program, creating new and much needed income.

Xinca Eco Shoes

Xinca is not a conventional company. We believe in impact and we pursue social and environmental changes using the same methods and techniques of a conventional company. We make footwear with recycled material. The sole in our shoes is made out of the rubber taken from used tires, which are a threat to our environment. For the upper part of trainers we re- use fabric taken from pants, work uniforms or textile discard in general. In the productive process we offer job opportunities to people or sectors who, for different reasons, can’t have a formal job. We provide them with the material which we take to their home and they glue the pieces together and cut them out so that we can finish the product in the factory.

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)

In SOIL’s simple social business design, wastes from SOIL’s ecological sanitation toilets are collected and transported to a waste treatment facility where the waste is safely composted into rich, agricultural-grade compost. This compost is then sold for agricultural application. Revenue from monthly toilet user fees, waste treatment fees, and compost sales are collected to support ongoing costs and to showcase the private sector potential to affordably and sustainably provide sanitation services in the world’s most impoverished and water-scarce urban communities.


AltexSoft encourages and supports young professionals! The company opened the training engineering center to nurture tomorrow’s technology evangelists and leaders.
AltexSoft offers an excellent educational program to assist in educating young talents in practical software development and leadership.

African Bronze Honey

Almost 20 years ago, Zambian-Canadian eco-entrepreneur, Dan Ball went into remote north-western Zambia to help two-dozen struggling beekeepers. Today Dan has trained over 6000 beekeepers and they now produce 800 tonnes of certified organic honey annually. But with a growing list of people waiting to be trained and equipped as beekeepers, he needed to expand the market. So he turned to long-time friends, artist-entrepreneurs, Paul Whitney and Liz Connell, to create a market for it to North America. They created the African Bronze Honey project to sell this honey as a fundraiser in schools and at socially conscious retail.

Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement (IOPA)

Covering much of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, the Maasai people lives in villages of 180 or 260 families estimated to totaling between 850,000 to 1,240,000 people. Most of them lack access to formal schooling, healthcare, and other basic services. The majority are pastoralists, herders of goats and cattle. Since its foundation in 1993 as a hybrid Social Organization, Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralist Advancement (IOPA) has engaged the Maasai Communities in a comprehensive social – economic empowerment programs that improves and builds growth, sustainable and quality livelihoods for the Maasai people in northern Tanzania through Social businesses energy & Water Supply as well as Agribusiness in Dairy Processing etc.

Andes BPO

Andes BPO is a contact center which has 5 years of ex perience in providing services such as billing, telemarketing, telesales, and others. These services can be provided by young people with little experience and a high motivation to learn, so Andes BPO has it’s support in educational and govenrmental institutions to train their employees in providing high quality services and strengthen education and employement oportunities in the region. Likewise its headquarters, located in a florist municipality near Medellin, allows employees to commute by bicycle , and be responsible to the environment and the community.

Chalhoub Group

  Video Password: chalhoub@2015
“The Gift of Giving” is Chalhoub Group longest running community engagement campaign, which begun in 2008 and it now spans across 8 countries. Our objective is to support underprivileged children and empower them through education. The campaign has two main phases: – Retail: We offer pins that say “العلم” (i.e. knowledge) across +150 of our stores and we encourage customers to collaborate by purchasing them. All funds raised are donated to Dubai Care, a philanthropic organisation that promotes education in the region. – Volunteering: All our colleagues are encouraged to bring school stationery and the Board matches the donations by purchasing backpacks (100% made of recycled plastic bottles). These school bags are given to children in need across the region by volunteering employees. In 2014 we sold 6,234 pins and distributed 13,335 bags!


The video shows the depth of extreme poverty in rural India, and the commissioning of a creative fundraising platform Rock against Poverty​to help raise global awareness and funds to pay for real scientific and business enterprise development intervention to counter this situation (The Vihar Project​). The video shows actual footage of people and communities trapped in poverty, from not having enough food to meet daily nutrition, to women farm labourers working for 50 US cents a day, to a child sleeping in a grass hutment having 20 mosquitoes on her face, to an entire grass hutment community trapped in destitution.

Banza Sanitation

Approximately 2.6 billion people around the world use unsafe toilets or no toilet at all. Human waste disposal is among the most serious problems facing residents of slums and informal living settlements throughout the world. As a result of poor sanitation, these communities have high incidences of diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery, which are transmitted through contact with fecal matter and contaminated water supply.
Banza Ltd. is a social enterprise venture addressing sanitation and health concerns in East Africa. We aim to address the full spectrum of human waste management and the health and environmental problems that result from poor sanitation conditions in informal living settlements in urban environments.

Drishtee Foundation

Drishtee’s mission is to collaborate with marginalized communities to develop and nurture rural enterprises and support the community ecosystem. Drishtee works extensively with rural communities, by creating clusters of remote villages on defined routes. A variety of activities and programs have been designed to enable a deep community engagement in various geographies of operations.
Community Engagement helps us to understand the needs and aspirations of people. It helps Drishtee to segment the people into like-minded groups or entrepreneurs and builds a relationship of trust. It helps in creating ownership and stake of the community in whatever intervention is required.

TygaBox Systems

The intent of this project is to re-purpose the TygaBox System and extend its’ useful life upon retirement from being used to contain and move corporate assets from Point A to Point B. The Queens Botanical Gardens (QBG) re-purposing of Tyga-Boxes helps them to achieve:
• Worker Safety – Never lift a box unless it’s empty
• Improve collection process of compostable materials from community sources
• Convert TygaBoxes into plant containers by drilling holes in strategic places
• Protection for fragile plants during winter months
• Use them as a “cold frame” to start seedlings in the months of Feb/Mar
• Reduce cardboard currently used by QBG

Employee Engagement Award

Cookswell Jikos

We design, manufacture and disseminate improved charcoal making kilns for people to refine their own wood energy at home for free.
This transfers the ownership of the charcoal value chain directly to the end user and tree grower while providing direct employment for kiln manufacturers.
Our woodfuel security system uses locally sourced recycled materials, local labor and provides for a comprehensive closed loop renewable wood energy system.
Are future plans are to further study and disseminate this ‘seed-to-ash’ cycle of sustainable forestry based biomass energy.

Booomers International Ltd.

Booomers International Limited is an environmentally friendly bamboo bicycle manufacturing and distribution company in Ghana, West Africa, which sells to various global distributors. Our company seeks to address the issues of youth unemployment, climate change, poverty, and rural-urban migration. The organization sources its raw materials from the local rural farmers who get an economic value from the bamboo grown on their farms. The company provides chain of jobs through bamboo harvesting, product manufacturing and distribution. Currently, they have directly employed 17 rural youth and indirectly employed about 10 youth through harvesting and assembling of our bikes.


This video depicts Greyston’s commitment to responsible sourcing of its workforce and steadfast dedication to each employee’s success. For 30+ years, Greyston has proudly offered Open Hiring, providing employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment. Anyone, regardless of their background can sign the Open Hiring waiting-list. When a position opens, the next person on our list is given a job and training, no questions asked. This year marks our 25th anniversary supplying delicious brownies to Ben & Jerry’s. We are proud to be disrupting business status quo by baking delicious brownies and cookies to provide jobs to marginalized individuals.


Sustrana has developed an online solution to help mid-size and smaller organizations build capacity for improving sustainability. While large enterprises have access to consulting and powerful software, the smaller companies lack guidance and tools. Sustrana is the solution, providing education and tools embedded in a powerful Roadmap to Sustainability for organizations to follow. The system helps companies to learn, build, implement and iterate their sustainability program in a DIY environment. The solution provides and affordable yet powerful option, empowering mid-size and smaller organizations to embed sustainability into their DNA.

Rapid Results Institute/Social Accountability International

TenSquared is a program that gives workers and managers a unique and powerful experience of working together, as equals, to improve performance on a concrete indicator of workplace safety and health. This journey of intense collaboration, innovation, and achievement enables worker-manager teams to achieve record breaking results in a mere 100 days. To cite one of dozens of examples, a TenSquared team reduced the evacuation time from 12.5 minutes to less than 3 minutes. Even more importantly, the experience transforms the perspectives that workers and managers have of each other, and creates lasting relationships of trust and respect.


We have created a network of community open Clean Points which are small waste processing plants and open platforms for citizens and companies to learn how to manage their waste and become conscious consumers. In our Clean Points, citizens and organizations can recycle up to 90% of their waste, and learn about how their consumption choices impact on the environment. Also, some of our Clean Points are operated by former street waste pickers, thus creating and inclusive recycling model that also has a social impact.

Empowered Women Award

Nisaa Broadcasting Radio Company

Nisaa Fm is the first commercial women radio station in Palestine . It was co-founded by Nisaa Broadcasting Radio Company in partnership with the Swiss Organization Womanity Foundation . NISAA entertains, informs and inspires women over the airwaves. It empowers women in media and through media by also creating jobs for female journalists in senior positions. NISAA FM discusses taboos and addresses stereotypes on its programmes and engages in discussions on issues which connects men and women thus creating bridges between the two to allow for the required social change. The station has been on air since 2010 and ranks one of the most popular national radio stations in Palestine.

Kidogo kidogo

Our project is kidogo kidogo, a social enterprise with the goal of providing mobile handsets to low-income and vulnerable women in Tanzania. Mobile phones are a life-changing tool in the developing world , however, women in Africa are 23% less likely than men to own one. The main barrier to ownership in Africa is the upfront $20 cost of a phone. We sell smart phone cases (iPhone and Samsung), with designs created in and inspired by life in Tanzania. We then use the proceeds to purchase and donate mobile handsets through our on the ground distribution partners in Tanzania.

Mercago Global Inc.

Mercado Global Inc connects rural indigenous artisans in Guatemala, like Petrona Chiroy, to international sales opportunities, educational and technical skills trainings, and access to microloans. Community-based trainings focus on business and financial literacy, women’s leadership, international marketing understanding, and health and nutrition to ensure artisans gain the skills and foundation to fully leverage newly earned income. Paired with continuous design and sales support, artisans increase both weaving and sewing skills to create market-ready products that are then carried by top international retailers such as Comptoir des Cotonniers in Europe, Istetan Japan in Asia, and most recently, J.Crew in the United States.


ayzh (pronounced “eyes”) develops and distributes low-cost, life-saving health technology designed to meet the unique needs of women and institutions in low- resource settings. In 2010, ayzh launched its first and core product, an award-winning $3 Clean Birth Kit, which contains simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization to prevent infection, a leading cause of maternal and infant mortality. ayzh is globally recognized for its sustainable and scalable business model that targets health institutions (where there is growing need for infection reduction),while sourcing innovative training for healthcare workers and economic and empowerment opportunity for women worldwide.

Akili Dada

Akili Dada is an international award-winning leadership incubator cultivating transformative leadership in a generation of young African women. Our leadership development programs create the foundation on which young women ages 13-30 acquire skills to access key decision-making roles and leadership positions. By selecting from and building the capacity of some of Africa’s most innovative young women, we are meeting the urgent need for more African women in leadership, as well as the need for creative leadership that holds justice at its core. Our strategies include financial investment, mentorship, leadership development and skill-building in the arenas of education and social enterprise.

Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

18% of women and girls in Rwanda miss school and work because they can’t afford pads. SHE has found a solution to this problem. SHE makes pads locally and employs members of the community. Here is how we are doing it. SHE provides banana farmers equipment and training to process banana fiber. Farmers sell the banana fiber to SHE, Rwanda. We process the fiber at our community factory. At our factory the fiber gets cut, washed, dried, fluffed and assembled. The pads are sold at affordable prices to girls and women who need them.

Destiny Foundation / Reflection

Destiny Foundation the nonprofit and “Reflection” the social business works to end sex trafficking through dignified economic empowerment.
To reach its mission Organisation offers on job training to make high quality fashion accessories to the rescued girls, and women in prostitution.
After completion of training women’s are offered employment in the business armensuring they are economically empowered and self sufficient .
“Reflection” creates employments opportunity for the women by marketing these products globally ; creating opportunity for the global Citizen to buy the products and support the cause. The organization uses environment friendly raw materials, conserving healthy work atmosphere.

The Women’s Bakery

The Women’s Bakery (TWB) develops women-owned bakeries in impoverished areas, currently in East Africa. TWB equips poor women with the technical, business and life skills necessary for their economic autonomy and social opportunity. TWB trains women to source local, nutritious ingredients to produce and sell affordable breads. TWB also trains women to profitably own, operate and manage bakeries, which provide their personal incomes. These bakeries are supported by TWB, a parent non-profit, which provides the model, ongoing training, and long-term development opportunities. Rather than build bakeries as an act of charity, TWB uses business as a tool for social change.


WomenX is a pilot program providing business education and support services to women entrepreneurs running small and medium sized enterprises in Karachi. In total, 8 groups of 40-50 women will participate in a 4-month certificate course that includes 16 days of in-class business education and soft skills training, in addition to small group MasterMindTM sessions (peer-to-peer coaching) and networking events. Approximately half of each cohort then participates in a 5-month tailored coaching phase that includes one-on-one mentoring, small group business clinics addressing participant-generated business issues, together with continued networking and MasterMindTM sessions. So far, 2 groups (95 women) have taken part.

Zaya Learning Labs Private Limited

Zaya Learning Lab’s Teaching Assistant’s program is run specifically for women from an underprivileged background. They recruit them from local communities through local NGOs. After an initial screening, the women are given training in English and teacher training. Development managers give them training about Zaya products, blended learning, planning for the classroom, delivery of instruction, how to seamlessly integrate technology in the classroom and data analysis. These women were previously un-employed or were employed in irregular jobs. After the training all women are provided with certificates and reference letter. After an interview, successful participants are hired and employed across Zaya Learning Lab’s schools.

Amal Women’s Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant

Amal is a culinary training center in Marrakesh, Morocco dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women. The women have little/no education, some have worked as child maids, while others care for their children with very little resources. At Amal, they learn a variety of restaurant skills, in addition to language classes, life coaching, and enrichment classes like art and sports. Amal is a positive environment in which they gain skills and self-esteem. After graduation, they are assisted in finding a job in the food industry.

DiDi’s (A Unit of Sisters in Solidarity)

DiDi’s, a Lucknow based social enterprise that was founded in 2008 motivated by the goal of empowering very poor women, by skilling them and providing livelihoods. It started with 4 women and an annual turnover of $20,000 and now employs 65 women and has an annual turnover of $300,000. DiDi’s is run ‘by women’ and ‘for women. Through its 3 arms – DiDi’s Foods, Creations and Driving, we educate, equip and empower women to enable them to fight poverty, discriminatory violence and low self-esteem. Our profits are deployed towards the education of their daughters and other girls like them.

Empower Generation

Empower Generation (EG) is an innovative social enterprise combating poverty in Nepal by reducing gender inequality and increasing access to energy. Last April we began Project Sol, a donation response project to distribute free solar power and light to those affected by the earthquake. The objectives are:
• To provide immediate solar power and light relief to remote communities displaced by the earthquake.
• To support long-term rebuilding by expanding our women-led solar distribution network– recruiting new sales agents and starting new solar enterprises serving the affected community. Project Sol is developed in three phases (Relief, Restore and Resilience)


Lallitara turns discarded Indian saris into high-value fashion for eco-conscious customers. Over 100 million saris—essentially five yards of unstitched fabric—are discarded in India every year. Informal recyclers go door-to-door collecting these old saris, attempting to earn a living by reselling them in second-hand markets. Unfortunately, they make less than one-dollar a day doing this laborious trade. Imagine a world in which these hardworking men and women were paid fair wages, and respected for the awesome recycling work they do. Lallitara aims to do just that. In fact, through our innovative business model, we aim to revolutionize the fashion industry every step of the way.

Solar Sister

Solar Sister is the world’s leading social enterprise in eradicating energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. We combine the breakthrough potential of solar and clean cooking technologies with a deliberately women-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to even the most remote communities across Africa. Through equipping women with vital entrepreneurial and technical skills, Solar Sister is breaking down barriers that typically prevent women from becoming involved in their own businesses. At the heart of Solar Sister is our belief that women must be a part of building a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Turquoise Mountain

In Afghanistan, where social barriers facing women wishing to enter the workforce are high, Turquoise Mountain gives Afghan women the tools they need to become successful artisan entrepreneurs. Over 50% of the student body at the Turquoise Mountain Institute in the crafts of calligraphy and jewelry are women, and those who graduate are supported to establish their own businesses, build international market linkages, and change international perceptions of Afghanistan through participation in exhibitions, such as at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. in 2016. Turquoise Mountain also provides bursaries to ensure that Afghan women from poor backgrounds can become artisan entrepreneurs.

Aakar Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Aakar sets up mini-factories that produce accessible, hygienic, and eco-friendly ~100 % Compostable sanitary napkins while creating livelihood opportunities for women in the rural villages and urban slums of India. Not only do these women produce the pads, but they also distribute and sell them as entrepreneurs. Aakar also spreads awareness about how menstruation is a natural and biological process that should have no shame associated with it. The educational sessions are held by Aakar’s non-profit arm that focuses on spreading knowledge, freeing women from shame, and expanding the dialogue past gender and into all menstruation contextual factors.

Impact Sourcing Award

International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO)

The Worldwide Charter is a free-of-charge project, meant to promote sustainability and fair trade policies for companies all over the world. By joining the Worldwide Charter, the participants underlined their commitment to support nine principles of positive business practices with an emphasis on social and environmental values. Every participant receives the Charter Signatory logo and the Certificate. Since its start at the end of 2014, the number of participants grew to 150 signatories from 40 countries. The Worldwide Charter has been featured in such major media as: FOX23 News, World News, The Boston Globe, Examiner, Google News and many others.


AMBA, an Ashoka Fellow driven Social Enterprise economically empowers adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual disability using Information Technology, Peer Training and Peer Supervision. An ecosystem of learning and earning appropriate with their acumen, making them contributors to family and Society. While they cannot recognise sounds of alphabets they still do accurate two window visual data entry in English. Visual matching helps select options and achieve in multiple languages as do 150 youngsters capture inflow of milk from farmers/self-help group women to Dinshaw Ice Cream Collection Centers in Nagpur, but they cannot do data entry using the keyboard in the vernacular.

Autism Society of India

Prayas-Daksh- “Reinforcing Potentials” is an open educational resource; a computer based early intervention which uses a blend of USER FRIENDLY PLATFORM of TECHNOLOGY and Special Educational Techniques to strengthen and harness the unique abilities of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
The portal is a crowd sourced platform to scale, lower the costs and get best of the content from across the world, developed over evidence based approach after working with 100 individuals with ASD, focuses on building vocational skills while reinforcing the cognitive skills.


Avante fosters entrepreneurship and income generation and creates a meaningful impact in BoP communities. This video brings testimonies from Avante’s stakeholders Edson Silva and José Arnaldo da Silva, showing a classical example of the win-win situation that we have been fostering in the Brazilian slumps.
Avante’s mission is to “Humanize Financial Services”. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT OUR CLIENT IS MORE THAN A SIMPLE NUMBER, more than a mere bank account number or a taxpayer ID.

Farm Capital Africa Limited

Farm Capital Africa Ltd is a social impact agri-investment company that channels Capital to profitable and sustainable Agriventures in Africa. This is done by partnering with small scale farmers with great growth potential, and through investor networks that enable them to access the funds they need to scale up their Agriventures.
This is all done through a Profit and Loss sharing arrangement between the Agripreneur, FCA and the Investor. We inject capital funding in the form of equity and provide business and technical support to the agri-businesses.

Protoprint Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Protoprint is a social enterprise that works collaboratively with waste picker co-operatives in India to provide them with low-cost technology to add value to the waste plastic they collect. Specifically, we’ve been developing machinery to extrude waste plastic into 3D printer filament. Our pilot implementation is with a waste picker co-operative called SWaCH. We have set up a production shed at the garbage dump and work with about 40 wastepickers to source the plastic. We pay the co-operative Rs.300/kg of filament processed (as compared to Rs.14/kg the wastepickers normally get by selling the plastic to scrap dealers)

Impact Investment Shujog Limited (Shujog)

A unique, sustainable technical assistance (TA) Program, Shujog ACTS prepares social enterprises (SEs) to become investment ready and scale their operations to increase impact in their communities.
The program works by:
• Pairing SEs with professional service partners that deliver an investment
readiness package essential to attract investment capital
• Providing an interest-free advance to procure these services
• Delivering an impact assessment verifying their results. ACTS targets SEs in
critical development sectors across Asia, and supports women-focused businesses.
By offering a program to overcome the growth constraints impactful SEs face, Shujog unlocks impact investments and expands the social results SEs have.

Activate Solutions

Activate Solutions has pioneered a new approach through which they have trained unemployed young people in Botswana and Nigeria to undertake economic research.  This approach has been tested on three research projects and it was found that it was possible to train young people to undertake relatively advanced research. This was achieved by using a very structured approach in which trainees learnt basic data capture skills then moved to more advanced analysis and report writing. Activate Solutions has developed a three month training programme which will provide sufficient time for the trainees to develop the full range and depth of skills needed to undertake advanced research.


Fairphone started in 2010 as a project to raise awareness about conflict minerals in consumer electronics and the wars that the mining of these minerals is fueling in the DR Congo. By creating a smartphone, we are using commercial strategies to maximize our social impact at every stage of the value chain, from sourcing and design to production and recycling.
When selecting our suppliers to make the Fairphone, we focus on creating positive impact in regions in which the electronics supply chain is most active. We work on sourcing conflict-free minerals from the DRC and surrounding high-risk areas to contribute to alternatives to current mining practices, empowering workers and improving the livelihoods of the local population.
In China, our goal is to work closely with our manufacturers to ensure worker representation, safe working conditions and fair pay. With the partners we engage with directly, we assess conditions at the factory, identify areas that need improvement and work on solutions together.

Alliant Global Strategies, Inc.

AGS offers broadband communications training and installation and business process outsourcing / call center services in the United States. Our focus is on improving economic development through long-term B2B and B2G relationships, domestically and abroad. With an IMPACT SOURCING foundation, we ensure continuous quality of service experiences with all customers, internal and external. Our office is in a public housing community in Richmond, Virginia, and it is our intentional focus to create jobs in low-income/impoverished communities throughout the world. The training project, installation teams and BPO services effectively support our Impact Sourcing job creation strategies.

Fundación Paraguaya

The Fundación Paraguaya invented an innovative Financially Self-Sustainable Secondary School model that provides students from poor, rural areas with academic, vocational, and entrepreneurial education. The students spend half their time in the classroom receiving traditional instruction, and half their time “learning by doing;” being trained and mentored as they run various school businesses based on market trends. Because the students run and operate the school as part of their business skills education, the school is financially self-sufficient, requiring no additional government/donor funding, cutting the cost of attendance and removing a common barrier to entry to receiving quality education.

J.Lodge, LLC

Eliminating traditional barriers that persons with disabilities face, J.Lodge provides purpose to these socially disadvantaged, yet highly deserving, individuals. Employment with J.Lodge offers much needed social interaction for our home-bound team members, and a sense of belonging that allows them to regain their dignity and take pride in performing meaningful tasks every day. Through their contributions, employees attain confidence and a sense of achievement.
Our disabled employees garner a feeling of independence that has allowed them to enjoy a more comfortable life with supplemental income, and boast the personal reward of contributing to their family and society.

Piramal Udgam

Piramal Udgam is an Impact Sourcing Service Provider (ISSP) that envisions empowering rural women by generating livelihood opportunities for them through top-quality outsourcing services provided to global clients at competitive prices. Udgam addresses challenges faced in rural India, namely women empowerment and unemployment, by introducing an innovative approach of sourcing jobs to the rural areas, and making the women employable by imparting skills through training. It’s a one-of-its-kind model that generates livelihood for ‘educated’ rural women that not only provides an opportunity for them to earn but also makes the women adept in technology.


Aduna is an Africa-inspired health brand and social business. Our mission is to create demand for under-utilised natural products from small producers in Africa – starting with baobab, the wild-harvested nutrient-dense superfruit 10m households can provide. Since launching in 2012, we have invested heavily in marketing to drive awareness of baobab amongst consumers & trade, taking it from complete obscurity to an internationally best-selling superfood distributed in 15 markets. We are now plugging the demand directly to communities in Ghana via our smallholder supply-chain. This video demonstrates the impact of our project on just one of the 2,014 women already benefiting.


From the beginning CloudFactory has focused on developing leaders in economies facing the challenge of excessive unemployment. On April 25th a massive 7.8 earthquake ripped through Nepal, creating an opportunity for CloudFactory to demonstrate the leadership and character of our teams. After verifying the location and safety of our core and cloud teams we were sourcing local supplies of food, water, and temporary shelters and reaching out to those in need. The resilience and response of our workforce through a such a crisis has emboldened us to pursue our purpose of developing leaders worth following more than ever.

Maharishi Institute

The Maharishi Institute offers a tertiary education (a degree in Business Administration) to young people who would not otherwise be able to pursue post-school studies. Financing is done through offering an interest-free study loan to the students who then repay the loan through the “Learn and Earn” programme and once they have graduated. The programme sees all students working for up to 4 hours a day while they are studying, thereby gaining valuable work experience, which makes them more attractive to potential employers. The students work primarily in the in-house contact centre, providing BPO services to local and international clients.

Taza Chocolate

This year, Taza Chocolate launched a pioneering effort to source organic cocoa from small-scale Haitian farmers. As part of our Direct Trade program, we paid a premium of $500 per metric ton for the cocoa beans (more than the Fair Trade price) in order to improve the livelihoods of 1,326 small-scale farmers. Moreover, our program is long-term and sustainable – next year, we will source at least 2X this year’s volume of cocoa (50 MT.) This quantity will grow as we grow, further improving the lives of Haitian farming families.

West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE)

The video depicts the mission and activities of WAVE (West Africa Vocational Education) to empower disadvantaged West African youth with employability skills to transform their mindsets, and employment opportunities that enhance their social mobility. Set in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where the first WAVE Academy has been in operation since 2013, it shows how we identify, train, and place talented, under-served youth in entry-level jobs in high-growth industries like the retail and hospitality sectors.


A matching site where organizations can find skilled volunteers to overcome any challenge, any time, for any length of time.