Global Sourcing Council Announces 2013 President and Board of Directors

Diana d'Ambra, President of the Global Sourcing Council

Diana d’Ambra, President of the Global Sourcing Council

NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 27, 2013): The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) announced the constitution of the 2013 Board of Directors following the annual GSC general meeting on February 7, 2013. Ms. Diana d’Ambra was proclaimed the new President of the GSC.

Ms. D’Ambra is Consultant at Cortelyou Consulting with many years of experience in the all aspects of the global sourcing including outsourcing, vendor management and senior leadership; she is also the current GSC Newsletter editor.

The 2013 GSC Board of Directors re-emphasized the organization’s mission of promoting an exchange of ideas and information among businesses, trade organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia in the area of sustainable and socially responsible practices, especially in global supply chains. The new board is constituted of:

➢ Dr. Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the GSC; President of MDA Associates, Inc.

➢ Diana D’Ambra, President of GSC, Consultant at Cortelyou Consulting

➢ Dane Dickler, Treasurer at GSC, Senior Manager at Marcum LLP

➢ Todd Yaney, Sustainability Team Leader, Chrysler Group LLP

➢ Bharat Ramani, Managing Partner at BRICS Connect

➢ Michael Gibbons, Global Program Manager at Dell Computer

➢ David Kinnear, President and CEO at BK Advisory

➢ William Bierce, President and Managing Attorney at Bierce & Kenerson, PC

➢ Ali Comelek, Founder and Publisher at Globalization Today

➢ Francois Degueldre, Managing Partner at Opulus Consulting; Board Member at European Outsourcing Association

➢ Karen Morris, Independent Strategy and Innovation Consultant

➢ Aditya Saharia, Associate Professor at Gabelli School of Business & Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

➢ Sanjay Sharma, Independent Consultant

➢ Pumela Salela, Independent Advisor for the Information Communications Technology and Sourcing sectors


Contact: Luiza Oleszczuk
Director of Development
Tel: +1 347 239 8803
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GSC WEB MEETING – Social Investment: Profit With Purpose (Part 1)

Xhosa-children photo Octavio L source Wikimedia Commons

GSC Web Meeting:

DATE: March 6, 2013  
TIME: 12pm – 1pm EST


In 2011, an estimated $1 billion was invested by the so-called “value-based investors” (private VC firms) into companies that seek to ameliorate social problems (Forbes, Dec. 19th, 2011). The inflow of this money continued during the recession and then grew from under $8 billion in 2012 to over $9 billion in 2013. These funds are managed by “impact investors,” as the Impact Investment segment of the capital market approaches its tipping point in the total VC market (JP Morgan and GIIN report 2013).

Value-based investment is not a “blip on the radar” any more. More and more frequently, investors present specific requests regarding what kind of results do they expect from their working capital. By that they venture beyond the financial returns– more and more frequently they want their capital and management skills to address pressing social and environmental issues. They expect that innovation, supported by their funds and expertise, will not only enlarge the investment assets but produce tangible benefits for local communities.



Participants can use their computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP) or telephone.
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Toll: +1 (951) 266-6131
Access Code: 455-592-991
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar


Eme Essien LoreAs Associate Director in the Africa Regional Office, Ms. Essien Lore supports the development and execution of several initiatives: she serves as the regional champion for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Harnessing the Power of Impact Investing initiative; she also helps advance the Foundation’s project entitled Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE). PRIDE is working in Africa to foster and scale up a new arm of the outsourcing industry called impact sourcing (IS), which are programs aimed at creating employment for the poor by establishing meaningful jobs in the information technology industry. Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Essien Lore spent several years with the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank

Abhilash Mudaliar 100Mr. Mudaliar is responsible for shaping and implementing the GIIN’s research strategy and program. He joined the GIIN with over seven years experience in social enterprise, impact investing and international development research, including time as a microfinance consultant at Unitus, an impact investor at Elevar Equity, and a social entrepreneur within Hippocampus Group. Mr. Mudaliar also worked on a large-scale randomized controlled study of education policy experiments in southern India. He began his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company. Mr. Mudaliar has earned Honors degrees in Arts and Commerce (specializing in Political Science and Finance, respectively) from the University of Melbourne and, more recently, an MPA/ID from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he received the Raymond Vernon Award.

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Please mind that GIIN has just published a report on impact investing, in cooperation with J.P. Morgan – “Perspectives on Progress.” You can read the report HERE.


Karen MorrisKaren A. Morris is an independent strategy and innovation consultant and is formerly Chief Innovation Officer of AIG, one of the world’s largest general insurance companies. She has over 25 years experience in insurance, law, management, and multinational business. This rich and diverse international background inspires her insight on governance, customer-centricity, and product, service and business model innovation. She is a frequent speaker and writer on customer focus, design thinking, innovation, management and leadership at global forums and conferences around the world. Karen is an adjunct professor at Fordham University in New York teaching Innovation as part of the MBA program and has spoken on innovation at the world’s foremost executive MBA program. She is also a Senior Fellow of The ILO Institute and serves on the board of directors of the Global Sourcing Council.


Dr. Wanda LopuchDr. Wanda Lopuch’s unique combination of entrepreneurial drive, global mindset, multi-language executive skills and corporate responsibility expertise have been critical in allowing her to successfully exploit growth opportunities in technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies as well as in the not-for-profit sector. In doing so, she strongly advocates and practices capitalism-based idea of “doing well by doing good.” In addition to her function as Chair of the GSC Board, Dr. Lopuch leads MDA Associates, Inc., a consulting organization focusing on “greening” the global operations and their supply chains while improving economic outcomes of businesses in the life sciences, IT, FMCG and financial sectors. With 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors spanning across the United States, Europe, and East Asia.

View the GSC January Web Meeting on Global Citizenship in corporations and global NGOs.

ASK THE EXPERT: Chrysler Group LLC on Sustainability and Social Responsibility

ask-the-expert-todd-yaneyGSC ASK THE EXPERT Series

In this series, the Global Sourcing Council is  bringing to you decision-makers and thought leaders from across industries and across sectors: from corporate to non-profit and government. You get to ask our featured expert a question related to social responsibility and sustainability in global supply chain management and other types of sourcing. Best questions will be published.

Our expert this month is: Todd Yaney – Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability, Chrysler Group LLC

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To submit a question to a current month’s expert or pitch an expert, please e-mail:

Luiza Oleszczuk, GSC Director of Development


GSC February 2013 Newsletter is Now Available!

In this issue:

  • Letter from Former President Sanjay Sharma

  • What Does Corporate Global Citizenship Really Mean – an article with video

  • 3S Awards 2012 Corner – Interview with VOS – Employee Engagement Award winner

  • 3S Awards 2012 Corner – Interview with Alter Eco – Community Engagement Award winner

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Sanjay_SharmaLuiza OleszczukDiana d'Ambra

VOS representative (Jose Flores) receives the 3S Employee Engagement Award 2012 from Dr. Zia Khan, VP of Rockefeller Foundation

VOS representative (Jose Flores) receives the 3S Employee Engagement Award 2012 from Dr. Zia Khan, VP of Rockefeller Foundation

Alter Eco's Jeanne Cloutier receives 3S Award 2012 in Community Engagement from Dan Green, Director of Citi Commercial Bank NYC Division

Alter Eco’s Jeanne Cloutier receives 3S Award 2012 in Community Engagement from Dan Green, Director of Citi Commercial Bank NYC Division


Global Sourcing Council Announces New Chair of the Board

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Dec. 12, 2012)– The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) announces new Chair of the GSC Board – Dr. Wanda Lopuch.

Dr. Lopuch’s unique combination of an entrepreneurial drive, a global mindset, multilingual executive skills and corporate responsibility expertise have been critical in her successful endeavors in sectors like technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, as well as non-profit. With 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors- from the U.S. and Europe to the Far East- Dr. Lopuch guides international teams in maximizing performance for multinational, multicultural and multi-functional project groups.

Dr. Lopuch lecturers on various aspects of international business. Her passion in promoting sustainable capitalism led her to assume the position of a Board Member at the GSC, and later – the Chair.

Dr. Lopuch is also the President of MDA Associates, Inc., a New York-based consultancy firm focusing on “greening” global operations and their supply chains while improving economic and social outcomes of the global enterprises in life sciences, IT, FMCG and financial sectors.

Dr. Lopuch is also the main organizer of the GSC 3S Awards program ( – awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing.

“We at the GSC are entering 2013 with a sweet-and-sour perspective of moving the agenda of ‘sourcing that empowers’ forward,” says Dr. Lopuch. “On the one hand, there is a great sense of accomplishment in addressing such issues as adopting high labor standards in more outsourcing destinations and promoting the best practices in sustainable sourcing. On the other hand we are cognizant of a tremendous need to increase awareness about ‘sourcing that empowers’ and promote socially responsible sourcing practices throughout global enterprises. These goals can be achieved through building a broad coalition of various stakeholders committed to bringing social responsibility into the core of global businesses. The Global Sourcing Council is proud to be part of this coalition.”