2013 Winners

The 2013 GSC 3S Awards Family

Community Engagement Award: CloudFactory
Community engagement is a part of CloudFactory’s operating model as a social enterprise. As CloudFactory hires workers to process large volumes of data, they are brought into a model of personal and leadership development. In addition to becoming amazing data entry operators, they learn to develop and apply solutions to the problems in their own communities.
Employee Engagement Award: Vindhya
Vindhya’s goal is to show how an organization, which employs only people with disabilities, can function as efficiently as any other comparable firm. Vindhya aims to remove stereotypes about the working abilities of disabled people.
Empowered Woman Award: WeConnect International
WEConnect International, through the support of USAID and The U.S. Department of State Pathways Access Initiative, began working in Peru in 2011 to identify, develop, and certify women-owned businesses and provide connections to global value chains. WEConnect International reached over 400 women owned businesses in Peru, bringing over 100 of them into the process with free self-registration. Thus far, twenty-five have qualified to receive access to WEConnect International corporate members who are actively sourcing from women globally. The project also initiated a pipeline of growing businesses that can benefit from similar networks.
Out-of-the-Box Award: The Catrinka Project
The Catrinka Project has a dual impact by employing women to make Catrinka bags, and by using 10 percent of the retail price to invest in girls’ education. One handbag can provide, on average, 130 days of employment for a woman and sponsor a girl’s education for one month. When 10 percent more of its girls go to school, a country’s GDP increases by three percent. One additional year of school increases a girl’s future wages by 10 to 25 percent.
People’s Choice Award: JSW Foundation
Datahalli has enlightened and transformed the lives of rural educated women who had previously been restricted to household chores. Now they see themselves as responsible members of an organization where their contribution impacts business directly. The visible impact is seen by the increase in the socio-economic status of JSW employees. Their income via the BPO adds to the family income and hence secures their future. JSW has also seen many women decide to pursue higher education with their savings. BPO has given a newfound confidence and dignity to these rural women and girls.