The 4 Ways Big Corporations Flirt With Socially Responsible Business

The last decade has given rise to many experiments by companies to incubate socially responsible business models. Large financial institutions have become hosts to microfinance divisions (Citi, Morgan Stanley). Energy companies have experimented with base-of-the-pyramid business models for emerging markets, aligning social utility (access to energy) with business strategy (long term growth). And social enterprise like The Body Shop and Ben & Jerry’s have been acquired by major multinationals. L’Oréal bought the Body Shop in 2006 and Ben & Jerry’s became part of Unilever in 2000. Read the full article on the Fast Company website:


“Connecting the Dots” – The GSC Annual Meeting is a Great Success

The Global Sourcing Council Annual Meeting was held Thursday, November 17, and graciously hosted by the South African Consulate in NYC. Here are some photos from the event along with the slides from the keynote speaker, Elliot Clark, the CEO of SharedXpertise Media, “People, Policy and Pressure: How Global Trends and Corporate Responsibility Impact Internal and Outsourced Workforces”

Elliot Clark Presentation

David Kinnear, Chair of the GSC



David Kinnear opened the Annual Meeting

George Monymangene, Consul General of South Africa

The Consul General of South Africa, George Monymangene welcomed all to the event.

The GSC 3S Award meeting is slated for May 29, 2012, with submissions for the award allowed between January 1 and March 5, 2012. Both Angeline Judex, the Executive Director and Wanda Lopuch the Chair of the GSC 3S Awards attended to let everyone know the details of this exciting event.

Angeline Judex, Executive Director of the GSC 3S Awards

Wanda Lopuch, Chair of GSC 3S Awards and Board Member


Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise Media






Networking at the GSC Annual Meeting

The GSC 3S Award Third Annual Event

Sourcing that Empowers

Get ready for the third edition of the Annual GSC 3S 2012 Awards in the Fall of 2012

Submissions began January 1st, 2012

Watch this space for upcoming information

Check the 3S Award website

Questions: Angeline Judex, Executive Director,

Angeline Judex, Executive Director of GSC 3S Awards