Formed in 2007, the GSC digs deep into the challenges that global businesses face in embracing sustainability & social responsibility.


We educate,  advocate & inspire sustainable & socially responsible sourcing practices within  global  enterprises.


We believe that the most sustainable companies of today will be the most successful brands of tomorrow.

“Carbon Accounting is a key process for the future of business and the climate. The GSC is focused on advocating carbon accounting worldwide.”

“The GSC promotes policy that aligns social and environmental responsibility with private sector interests and sheds light on this exciting opportunity to grow in profits and purpose simultaneously.”

“Business needs profit,  but business needs profit with purpose: consumers pay for it, employees choose it, investors demand it. Sustainability as a business strategy is taking center stage and 60%—80% of the impact takes place through sourcing and supply chain, We, at Global Sourcing Council, are on the front line of educating, advocating and inspiring global sourcing professionals in bringing principles of responsible sourcing into global strategies. We translate the inspirational language of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into actionable business goals and standard operating procedures.”

“Organizations need help navigating their way to sustainability, especially as they consider their supply chains, an important and complex part of their business.   The GSC is leading the way through its various platforms including the 3S Awards program, the 17 Weeks / 17 SDGs, and their advocating for sustainability in education programs such as the SEAL – The Program for Sustainable Executive and Leadership.”

“Sustainability and responsible sourcing are critical the business of the future and the GSC focus through research and programs such as the 3S Awards is leading the way.”

“As a specialist in innovation strategy and execution, I see the GSC as a leader in spreading the ideas of socially responsible sourcing in business”

“Global standards for sustainable sourcing are key to providing organizations with implementable tools to move them toward sustainability, while ensuring seamless integration with other business standards in place. The GSC is taking the lead in developing such standards.”

“As a sustainability expert, I applaud the GSC effort to educate, advocate and inspire people and organizations to move toward sustainable sourcing.”

“As an intern for the Global Sourcing Council, I have gained invaluable skills and knowledge that I will take with me as I further my career! This position has given me insight into the sustainability and development field that I would not have had access to as just a student. It has taken what I am learning in my classes, and challenges me to keep up with new developments and trends within this field. 

Working as GSC’s digital coordinator, I have had the opportunity to engage with many professionals in this field. Every month, I work with our content editor and guest editorial for our newsletter The Source. I also had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Global Compact Network’s Symposium 2018: The Path to Impact this summer, to represent the GSC with Wanda Lopuch, the Global Sourcing Council’s founder, and my mentor. 

This internship has tested my ability to utilize new technologies and learn skills, which although at times was challenging, has helped me to grow in this position. 

I am incredibly grateful to all of the GSC team for hearing out my ideas and providing ample opportunities for me to take on new challenges, while guiding me along the way!



Decisions makers on the business case for social responsibility and sustainability.


For tangible action & leadership by global business leaders


The next generation of social entrepreneurs representing innovative solutions to global sourcing