Wuxi Software and Service Outsourcing Leaders Meet with Global Sourcing Council in New York

On October 3rd, 2012, the leaders of China Wuxi Software and Service Outsourcing Services visited New York and met with the Global Sourcing Council to discuss closer collaboration in the area of promoting sustainable and socially responsible sourcing. This meeting was a consequence of a longstanding collaboration between the City of Wuxi and the GSC, dating back to 2010.

The meeting took place in the Offices of Marcum LLP, which has a substantial presence in China.  Wuxi delegation, led by Ms. Xu Ruilan – Director of Wuxi International Outsourcing Service Center, consisted of industry executives, academicians, educators and city leaders.  The group came to New York after ten days in the USA, visiting, among others, the campus of Microsoft and other software industry leaders.  The visit was focused on exploring outsourcing industry development trends, understanding key challenges in talent development, learning best practices and discussing the opportunities for China, and specifically the city of Wuxi, in the new outsourcing landscape.

Wanda Lopuch, the Chair of the GSC 3sAwards and the GSC Board Director, who presented a key note at the Asia Pacific Outsourcing Conference in Wuxi in 2010, outlined the GSC program and indicated potential areas for closer collaboration in training and certification in 3s; William Bierce, the GSC Board Director, who visited Wuxi in 2011, discussed best practices which focus on social responsibility in software outsourcing.  Bharat Ramani and Dane Dickler, GSC Board Directors, participated in the meeting.

Ms Xu Ruilan summarized the discussion by emphasizing a strong desire for Wuxi to strengthen the long-standing cooperation  with GSC by actively participating in the next edition of the GSC Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing,  as well as adopting best practices through 3s Certification Program.  Other initiatives, such as participation of the GSC in the Wuxi Technology and Business Services awards, were discussed in more detail.

Both sides expressed the need to continue the exchange of information and best practices to strengthen the cause of socially responsible sourcing. □