Passionately committed to transform the world by inspiring and empowering organizations and businesses to operate responsibly in pursuing profit with purpose.


Chair & President, Dr. Wanda Lopuch

“It takes a village of like-minded individuals to grow and scale the socially responsible enterprise that produces profit with purpose.”

Wanda Lopuch


Francois Degueldre100x100

François Degueldre

Vice President

Managing Director, OPULUS
Board Member, European Outsourcing Association (France)


Angeline Judex

Executive Director 

Angeline Judex has more than 25 years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, in the areas of strategic planning, program development and resource management.



Dan Lang

Board Member

Dan Lang is currently Head of Worldwide Customer Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility for Sutherland Global Services, the world’s largest privately held, Business Process Outsourcing organization.


Louis Coppola

Chair, Communications/Outreach Committee

Louis Coppola is EVP and a co-founder of Governance & Accountability Institute, a New York based sustainability consulting, research and advisory firm.


Patricia Chaves

Patricia Chaves

Board Member

Patricia Chaves is currently a Senior Sustainable Development Officer at the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.


Amit Bansal Pic

Amit Bansal 

Board Member 

Amit Bansal is a Director for the Global Sourcing Council, a GSC India Ambassador, as well as a Member of the 3S Awards Social Fund.



Karen A. Morris

Board Member 

Karen A. Morris is an independent strategy and innovation consultant and is formerly Chief Innovation Officer of AIG, one of the world’s largest general insurance companies.


Bobby Varasani

Bobby Varanasi

 Secretary & Board Member 

Bobby Varanasi is one of the acknowledged Top 25 Globalization Leaders in the global sourcing space and the Founder of Matryzel Consulting – an independent advisory firm that has now become one of the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisory Firms.


maung min150x150

Dr. Maung Kyaw Min

Board Member

Dr. Maung Kyaw Min is an experienced management executive with over 25 years of track record of leading functions and initiatives in the areas of Sustainability, EHS and Supplier Management, IM, Manufacturing, and Quality Systems (including Operations Excellence/Continuous Improvement).


Bharat Ramani

Past President & Board Member 

Bharat Ramani is a global strategist and entrepreneur with 27 years experience in building and managing a multinational corporation.