Ways for Businesses to Take Action to Ensure Health & Promote Well-Being

17 Weeks of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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In week 3, GSC explores Goal 3 which calls to ensure lives
and promote well-being for all, at all ages.
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The Global Challenge: Why Take Action?
Six million children under five are dying every year. Women’s health is also in jeopardy, with the maternal mortality ratio 14 times higher in developing regions than developed. Taking action for Goal 3 can help provide quality care for mothers during pregnancy, as well as after birth, while increasing child survival. HIV is another major health challenge around the world, one that puts adolescents particularly at risk.
Your Business Opportunity
Investing in healthy lives and well-being for all can build your reputation in corporate responsibility, while strengthening the communities in your supply chain. Goal 3 has been ranked as the SDG with the highest potential for business opportunities (along with Goal 8 on employment and economic growth).
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Take Action on Goal 3 and Make a Difference
Identify and Engage with Suppliers Operating in Areas of
Health and Wellness Challenges
CIA FactBook CIA Factbook
The CIA World Factbook provides several key health indicators by country, such as the prevalence rate of adult obesity and the country’s total expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP.
UN Agencies
Use the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Human Development Report to see how the countries in your supply chain rank on many health aspects, including: Child mortality, TB incidence, HIV prevalence, air pollution attributable deaths, alcohol consumption, and every other indicator tracked by the Global Health Observatory.
Substance Use Disorder Calculator
The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health provides several tools, including an online estimator of the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse or dependence in your population, and the cost savings associated with intervention. See Substance Use Disorder Calculator.
GSC “SDG 3 in Action” is sponsored by Teleperformance. Teleperformance employees spend a significant portion of their time and energy at work. Therefore Teleperformance plays a crucial role in improving our employees’ health, well-being and ultimately their quality of life, not only as an employer but also as an advocate for health in society. Teleperformance promotes health literacy as “the capacity to make sound decisions… Learn more.
Make a Positive Impact: Incorporate Best Practices on Goal 3
into your Workplace
construction sector course International Labour Organization (ILO)
The ILO’s program on safe and healthy workplaces has an app for “ergonomic checkpoints in agriculture,” including 100 recommendations for effective ergonomics in agricultural workplaces. ILO has similar resources for the construction sector and others.
Learn from Leaders Taking Action on SDG 3
J&J Infographic Johnson & Johnson
Building on a 5-year commitment under the MDGs, Johnson & Johnson has pledged to continue its work in the SDG era. The company works with partners in 84 countries to prevent disease in vulnerable populations, help moms and babies survive childbirth, and support frontline workers – midwives, nurses, pharmacists and counselors – especially important where doctors are in short supply.
Tata Group
Companies in the Tata Group are taking action on healthcare in three areas: maternal and newborn care, holistic development, and making healthcare accessible. Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM) in Kenya, for example, has built a strong relationship with the community by upgrading equipment and facilities at the Magadi Hospital, providing financial, material support, and subsidizing medical aid to an HIV/AIDS clinic. Tata Steel, meanwhile, runs a Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative, which has brought down infant mortality by 39% and neonatal mortality by 46% in villages in Jharkhand, India, through home-based newborn care.
Grow your Positive Impact: Collaborate with NGOs
and Other Companies
Partnering with NGOs focusing on health and well-being can help leverage the experience, knowledge, best practices and network of these global organizations to amplify your efforts.
The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health is a program of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, which works with businesses to ensure effective care for employees with mental illness and their families. The Partnership collaborates with employers to promote successful employer innovations and encourage more companies to take action. Mental illness and substance abuse cost employers an estimated $80 to $100 billion per year in indirect costs alone, and when employees receive effective treatment, businesses enjoy lower medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased disability costs. Lilly, Merck and AstraZeneca are supporters of the Partnership.
Paragon Partnerships
PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and SapientNitro and have joined with Save the Children, other NGOs, and research agencies to form Paragon Partnerships, a platform for sharing market research to support the SDGs. On a quarterly basis Paragon will select three questions related to the SDGs, on which the agencies will generate granular data and insights from countries around the world where they conduct research for their clients.
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Ayzh 3S Award 2015 Nominee: Ayzh
ayzh (pronounced “eyes”) develops and distributes low-cost, life-saving health technology designed to meet the unique needs of women and institutions in low- resource settings. In 2010, ayzh launched its first and core product, an award-winning $3 Clean Birth Kit, which contains simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent infection, a leading cause of maternal and infant mortality. ayzh is globally recognized for its sustainable and scalable business model that targets health institutions (where there is growing need for infection reduction),while sourcing innovative training for healthcare workers and economic and empowerment opportunity for women worldwide.
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Latest News on SDG 3
March 21: Philips EU Affairs: Delivering progress in developing countries. Find out more on the collaboration of @UnfEWEC and @WHO: http://philips.to/258ctmW SDG3
March 20: Fabretto Foundation: Fabretto encourages healthy eating habits by training parents, teachers, & students. http://goo.gl/inPZfL SDG3

March 21: Spring Support for Pediatric Care: BJ’s Wholesale Club and Boston Children’s Hospital Launch Blood Donor Challenge

Joan’s Story: A Personal Commitment to Patients Living with Hepatitis C – See more at: http://gscouncil.org/news/3bl-media-csr-news-feed/?mid=65658#.wmyZXVpd.dpuf
Joan’s Story: A Personal Commitment to Patients Living with Hepatitis C – See more at: http://gscouncil.org/news/3bl-media-csr-news-feed/?mid=65658sthash.wmyZXVpd.dpuf
Joan’s Story: A Personal Commitment to Patients Living with Hepatitis C – See more at: http://gscouncil.org/news/3bl-media-csr-news-feed/?mid=65658sthash.wmyZXVpd.dpuf