The Convergence of Sustainability and Mainstream Business Practices 6/23/10

The Convergence of Sustainability and Mainstream Business Practice
6/23/10  William A. Tanenbaum

The convergence of mainstream business practices and sustainability practices has begun, will accelerate and will be enabled by Green IT and Green Outsourcing. As an example, the “just-in-time” business model will change to reflect this convergence. The original “just-in-time” model was developed when fuel was inexpensive and emissions were free. Now, fuel is expensive and there is or will be a direct or indirect cost imposed on emissions from delivery vehicles. Thus, the era of multiple micro-deliveries will be replaced by less frequent but larger deliveries. IT and outsourcing will be used to make this and other business models more sustainable. The social aspects of sustainability will also become an increasingly important part of business operations. This presentation by William A. Tanenbaum, the chair of the outsourcing practice and the leader of the GreenTech practice at the Kaye Scholer law firm, will address these and the following topics:

  • The business drivers behind the adoption of corporate sustainability practices
  • Why data centers represent the “low hanging fruit” in corporate sustainability initiatives
  • How corporations will impose sustainability requirements in their supply chains
  • How outsourcing presents both a challenge and a solution to enhancing the sustainability of mainstream business practices
  • The evolving role of social corporate sustainability and impact on Foxconn

Presented by William A. Tanenbaum, Green Tech, Environmental Efficiency, Carbon Trading and Sustainability Chair, Technology, IP and Outsourcing Group, Kaye Scholer LLP