The Business Case for Impact Sourcing Panel Discussion at the World BPO/ITO Forum

Nish Acharyra
Most Recent Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Obama Administration;
Senior Advisor, Northeastern University

Kartik Kilachand, Head Held High
Dan Lang, Sutherland Global Services
Pumela Salela, Global Sourcing Council
Sarah Troup, The Rockefeller Foundation

Session Description:
Impact Sourcing burst onto the scene several years ago as a promising tool for economic development, job creation and to bring technology to a broader swath of the world’s societies. Over the last few years, we have seen several companies and non-profits enter this space, and to various extents provide proof of concept that rural communities in the developing world can provide sourcing services to major corporate and government clients. These firms select and train their employees, and secure work that has traditionally gone to large IT companies to manage call centers, provide online customer support, provide back office functionality and quality assurance testing, to name a few tasks. But while the concept has been proven, we have seen very few of these organizations to scale beyond their initial geographic area. The reasons for this include management challenges, hesitation from larger companies to use impact sourcing firms, and the lack of a defined pathway for these firms to secure contracts and scale their organizations.

This session will specifically address challenges that Impact Sourcing is facing and discuss ideas on creating a scalable model – both on the demand & supply side which can significantly make a social and economic impact.

Key Learning Points:

  •     Hear who has been the most successful at scaling to date
  •     Discover the business models that are succeeding in this space – for profit, hybrid or non-profit
  •     Learn what can be done to convince larger companies to use impact sourcing
  •     Understand the role Governments play in enabling a policy that converts Islands of Excellence into mainstream successes
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