In Their Own Words: An Interview with Vindhya

[from right] Mr. Duresh, CEO & Manager and Ms. Pavithra Yagati Sundareshan, Director, Vindhya

[from right] Mr. Duresh, CEO & Manager and Ms. Pavithra Yagati Sundareshan, Director, Vindhya

In Their Own Words: An Interview with Vindhya, Winner of the 2013 GSC 3S Employee Engagement Award

Interview with Vindhya CEO and Director, Ashok Giri Durgesh

1.  Can you describe how the concept of Vindhya came about?

Vindhya’s conceptualization is one of the best blends of business and philanthropy. The need for a firm like Vidhya became apparent to us while we were hearing of the attrition issues at BPO’s and also of the contrast in the unemployment rate of communities with access only to basic education. The need of the hour was to setup a work environment which enables differently-abled  individuals to feel the comfort of their work place and at the same time provides them adequate training to  empower them to deliver to their best of their abilities. That is when Vindhya thought of creating a profitable organization which can deliver the Quality deliverables of people from the differently-abled community and which can create self-respect and dignity within this society.

2.  What pushed Vindhya towards pursuing goals in sustainable and socially responsible practices, as opposed to a strictly profits-based model?

As mentioned in the concept above we always wanted to create a profitable and impacting organization which is sustainable and socially responsible and a win –win for both employers and employees.

We realized that the people in the differently-abled community needed empathy and not sympathy, so even with the minimal education thatthey had we were able to deliver back end support processes and other projects very effectively and efficiently.

As a profitable organization it would be possible to scale to greater heights by delivering the expectations of our customers. This was not, however, the only reason for our success — our team of employees with various disabilities proved their own abilities in ensuring and working towards achieving the goal of a successful role model entity.

3.  Did you – at any point – come to regret that your company is following this path? 

Never. We have always been happy and motivated by the values and the culture that has helped us to become what we are toda,y not only at an organizational level but also at a personal level.

We never complain about the negatives of life, but instead work towards making things better and better, which is what our employees have taught us.

4.  What do you think sets you apart – as far as business model is concerned – from other companies from your sector?

With regard to Operations, we have never let down any customer in terms of our deliverables and have consistently delivered quality goods.  We have also been very flexible to any kind of work which has come our way. In terms of employees, we have created the best team of individuals who compliment each other with their unique strengths and commitment to striving to do better and better on every transaction.

The environment is such that the customer is very confident about the work we do and the employees get their bit of love, respect and dignity in their families and their society without any compromise.

5.  To what would you credit the success of Vindhya practicing socially responsible business?

The success of Vindhya can solely be credited to the people of Vindhya. Vindhyans, as they are called, form the crux of this organization. Without the dedication and commitment of the employees, we would not have scaled the heights to which we have reached today.  I also would credit the success to our customers who believed in us and gave us an opportunity to prove and showcase Vindhya’s abilities.

6.  What do you think can be done to make the business world aware of the need for corporate social responsibility?

We at Vindhya believe that this can be accomplished by focusing on three separate yet complementary themes:

  1. Awareness;
  2. Acceptance;
  3. And Opportunities for employment.
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