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3S 2013

It is our great pleasure to announce the full list of nominees for the GSC 3S Awards 2013 (

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Community Engagement:


1 billion people worldwide live in slums – most without access to sewage systems or improved sanitation. x-runner’s mission is to bring reliable and responsible sanitation to urban households that do not have a toilet. We improve their daily lives and create a cleaner, healthier environment for the entire family.

Tyga-Box Systems, Inc.

Tyga Box produces trackable boxes that travel the world as part of multiple supply chains, and at the end of their life cycle are re-used to build a delivery service of locally grown food in Montana. The use of the product has saved over 4 million trees from being cut down, while Tyge Box customers enjoy a 5 times multiple savings in dollars compared to the cost of renting our product. As a result, in 2010, Tyga Box won Citi’s Global Environmental Vendor of the Year award for North America.

Technobrain BPO/ITES

The project engaged in was an impact sourcing project that involved the digitization of four million patient records. This is a project undertaken with the aim of having an impact on the society whereby disadvantaged youth from the community were offered training and the opportunity to engage in gainful employment along with IT training. The main target was to offer opportunities for the youth from economically challenged backgrounds to get the chance to not only acquire IT skills but also get gainful employment.


The Boond mission is to solve some of the biggest global challenges – adequate lighting, access to clean drinking water and pest control affecting the remote areas of the world. Through its innovative environment friendly products and sustainable business oriented approach.

Queensland Transport & Logistics Council

The evolution and role of Australia’s world leading Performance Based Standards (PBS) program. From its genesis 15 years ago with a handful of industry and Government champions, the 16 robust entry standards of PBS, now administered by the Australian National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) far exceed normal prescriptive standards and deliver outstanding environmental, safety and productivity gains. Involving diverse community & industry sectors, and nearly 600 elected National, State & Territory and Local Governments the development of PBS has required immense effort, patience and sometimes frustration, as we have innovated, collaborated and persevered to deliver clean, safe, productive supply chains.

Distant Village

Seeing the beautiful natural papers that our artisans produce is what originally gave us the idea for Distant Village. Expanding the market for its use only increases the impact that we can have on our partner communities in rural villages across Southeast Asia. We provide fair wages and stable work, along with support for scholarships, fellowship events, and disaster relief. We work with eight to twelve Fair Trade artisan groups, who employ approximately thirty fulltime staff, with an additional fifty to one hundred flextime workers per group. $2 million in sales of PURE Labels™ means $1.2 million for our artisans.

Ming Jian

MingJian is committed to helping consumers make better informed purchase decisions through independent, expert, impartial research and testing of products and services.

Magnus Gyan

Magnus Gyan is a US-based technology company poised to spread knowledge to emerging economies – the digital and affordable way. The company has collaborated with one of the world’s leading engineering institutes to introduce quality low-cost internet devices (LCIDs) to growth economies.

Salud Facil

As one of the things that we provide is a “building block for survival” which is access to health via low cost financing. As far as what we do, is very simple. We provide low cost financing for medical and surgical treatment to people at the bottom of the pyramid in Mexico. We do this via partnerships we have with both social impact funds like Accion and Venture Partners and also via government funds in Mexico. We help reduce the problems for our clients that usually deal with the slow, and over-saturated public health services in Mexico.

Avasant LLC

Empowering global communities via Impact Sourcing. Avasant is a global management consulting firm providing services in the areas of Sourcing Advisory, ICT Optimization, and Globalization Advisory. The company provides services in the areas of Strategic Sourcing, Technology Optimization, and Globalization Consulting. One of the company’s goals is empowering the citizens of developing nations by facilitating business development and local job creation.

TELUS International

A core part of TELUS’s CSR program, summarized by the motto “we give where we live,” is the TELUS Day of Giving. In 2012, almost 6,000 TELUS International team members partnered with local organizations and participated in six events globally. We partnered with Filipino organization Gawad Kalinga (GK), to build 71 homes and a three-story multi-purpose hall in one village, and a second TELUS GK Village with another 125 homes. In Guatemala, 2,300 team members built 11 classrooms at schools in Guatemala City and in Xela. And in El Salvador, 1,200 team members refurbished a school, benefiting hundreds of children.


Community engagement is a part of our operating model as a social enterprise. As we hire workers to process large volumes of data they are brought into a model of personal and leadership development. In addition to becoming amazing data entry operators they learn to develop & apply solutions to the problems in their own communities.

IntegrityWise Consulting

IntegrityWise Consulting, LLC’s mission is to help transform people and the organizations they serve. We provide strategic guidance to organizations via consulting, workshops, training and program development services. Our guidance helps our clients develop their corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts, allowing them to better position their organizations, transform their operations and continually improve the methods by which they engage their employees, stakeholders and communities; having an innovative and sustainable impact. We want to help companies see beyond their bottom line by employing unique strategies that improve the lives of others locally and around the world.


As an agricultural company Monsanto has been striving to significantly reduce child labor on India cotton seed farms within our supply chain. Historically, the focus has been on education of farmers’ families, with monitoring of the fields and removal of children. A new approach was initiated to focus on educational awareness through community engagement. Villages participated in rallies to reenroll students who have dropped out, partnership programs were developed with local schools, and employment of women social mobilizers increased awareness of the importance of child education and helped children found working on farms go back to and stay in school.


BudgIT as an idea was conceptualized and hacked at the Tech-In-Governance, a 48 hour gathering organized by Co-Creation Hub in February 2011. BudgIT as a tool aims to redefine participatory governance. Many Nigerians, with little or no knowledge of accounting and public financial management, are lost when they see (if they ever get the chance to) the budgets of the different arms of government. BudgIT’s innovation within the public circles comes with a creative use of government data by either presenting them in simple tweets, interactive format or infographic displays. We believe that in a democracy, every citizen has the right to know how his/her taxes are expended in the delivery of public infrastructure and services. BudgIT offers mobile and online solution to trigger discussions around the budget and take the budget beyond a news item to a focal point of debate among Nigerians.

Employee Engagement :

TELUS International

TELUS International University (TIU) is conducted in partnership with leading universities in the Philippines and Central America, allowing agents to acquire university degrees through classes taught on premises by university professors. TIU helps BPO call center agents to develop and grow personally and professionally while transforming their communities. The program offers a sustainable method of alleviating systemic poverty.

Prestige Engineering

Prestige Group established a one of a kind opportunity to provide career paths for under qualified Veterans separating from honorable military service. Our Veteran Internship pilot program was established in July 2011 with the placement of one veteran. The individual was enrolled in Mechanical Engineering and placed as an Engineering Bill of Material Analyst. We have since placed over 40 highly deserving, capable and motivated resources that have agreed to attend school while performing valuable tasks. This has created a resource pool that was not available for sustainability of our high tech economy.


Vindhya is a professional and for profit organisation started with the vision of bringing in business and philanthropy together by creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The video here depicts that even a person with disability is as normal and productive like any other abled body. It has also been proved by all of our employees with various different disabilities by elivering some of the very critical and important processes of our customers.


Belatrix Software is a Latin American software innovation company with development offices in Argentina, Peru and the U.S. What sets it apart from similar companies is its high commitment towards its employees.

Adgetec Corporation

As submission for GSC 3S Prof. Mark Mueller-Eberstein explains innovation economy success through collaboration. Reducing environmental footprint, improving social impact and innovation potential by virtual collaboration instead of traditional approach to have people at one place.

Empowered Woman:

Glocal Connection by Glocal Connection is a social E-commerce platform started by two girls with global roots; infused with the love of travel & fashion; a desire to empower women & to make the world a better place for all who inhabit it. We help sustain communities of artisans and micro-producers in emerging markets; by implementing innovative business practices & providing a platform for them to sell their products.

Eva & Paul Denim

Our denim supports farmers in Akola Maharashtra whose yields have been falling – our partners in India, Arvind Agribusiness, invest in organic farming practices and certification to improve yields and incomes. Our fair trade partners in Ahmedabad employ female artisans to print fabrics, providing income and better working conditions. Sewing in NYC, we provide jobs with better working conditions than say Bangladesh. And we support our female customers through confidence-boosting products.


DesiCrew Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Social Enterprise incubated by the IIT-Madras, with an objective to create IT-based job opportunities in rural areas. Founded by Saloni Malhotra, DesiCrew seeks to leverage the power of rural India’s workforce to deliver a wide host of BPO services to Global corporates. With services built on values of delivering world-class quality and cost efficiency, our model propagates inclusive growth for India’s rural population by providing them with job and wealth creation opportunities.

WeConnect Intl.

WEConnect International, through the support of USAID and The U.S. Department of State Pathways Access Initiative, began working in Peru in 2011 to identify, develop and certify women-owned businesses and provide connections to global value chains. WEConnect International reached over 400 women owned businesses in Peru, bringing over 100 into the process with a free self-registration and 25 have qualified to receive access to WEConnect International corporate members who are actively sourcing from women globally. The project also initiated a pipeline of growing businesses that can benefit from similar networks.

The Catrinka Project

The Catrinka Project will have a double impact by employing women to make our bags and using 10% of the retail price to invest in girls education. One handbag can provide, on average, 130 days of employment for a woman and sponsor a girl’s education for one month. When 10% more of its girls go to school, a country’s GDP increases by 3%. One additional year of school increases a girl’s future wages by 10-25%.


As a rapidly growing global company we feel responsible to make difference. This is why, for the past 10 years in India, we have been implementing hygiene training program “Bella India- because we care” and Training Program for care givers for disabled people “you took care of me, now it’s my turn” with our Seni brand. In a simple way we educate school girls especially in rural areas about their bodies and changes. We unveil the taboo. On the other hand, thanks to cooperation with our customers we pass knowledge to people all those who want to learn how to take care of their loved ones.

JSW Foundation

Datahalli has enlightened and transformed lives of rural educated women who so far were restricted to household chores. Now they see themselves as responsible members of an organization where their contribution impacts business directly. The sense of belonging and commitment is highly commendable. The visible impact is seen by their increase in socio-economic statuses. Their income via the BPO adds to the family income and hence secures their future and gives them a healthy lifestyle. We have seen many women deciding to pursue higher education with their savings. BPO has given a new found confidence and dignity amongst these rural women and girls

Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP)

Our vision is to empower grassroots women as leaders and entrepreneurs and bring grassroots women from margin to mainstream by enhancing their skills, employability and turning their livelihoods to entrepreneurship. SSP’s School of Entrepreneurship /E –School has created a model for training & business support with Godrej Good & Green – India’s top Corporate thus setting the standards for corporates to engage with communities.


Fleximoms is a career destination for women in India. It offers the largest range of opportunities, career resources and interventions to women. The video is a glimpse into the Fleximoms Community and the women


PRADAN aims at altering the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities from the poorest regions of India. These communities have traditionally been excluded or isolated socially and economically. Women from these communities face the brunt of a far more acute form of gender discrimination. Affirmative targeted action is thus needed towards women empowerment in these endemic poverty regions.

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