GSC 3S Boot Camp© – Experience that Makes a Difference

J Gandhi100x100By: Jimmy Gandhi, GSC Board Member and Director of the GSC 3S Boot Camp©

The GSC 3S Boot Camp©, held in New York City from May 29 through June 3, was attended by the winners of the 2013 GSC Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing and students of the sustainability program at New York’s Stony Brook University.

“It was an absolutely life changing experience”, said Karmesh Ghosh from JSW, the winner of the People’s Choice Award for GSC 3S Awards. And life changing it was – from Tigers in the Jungle©  survival simulation team exercise, to The Treasure Hunt through Sustainable NYC© an eye opener for both New Yorkers and oversees attendees.

The participants of the GSC 3S Boot Camp© had an opportunity to study and discuss the latest developments in the science of sustainability, enhance their executive skills, learn new communication techniques and problem-solving methods, and share their own experiences under the guidance of the world-class executive trainers.

Boot camp3

GSC 3S Boot Camp© participants with GSC Chairwoman Wanda Lopuch and GSC President Bharat Ramani

The Treasure Hunt through Sustainable NYC©, an exercise-adventure conducted over the course of an entire day, combined teamwork and discovering a sustainable NYC. It was one of the highlights of the Boot Camp: from viewing the New York skyline from the water while discussing the shoreline protection challenges against the backdrop of the 2030 NYC Plan; to exploring the revived economy of the Meatpacking District from the perspective of the old railroad tracks of the Highline Park while appreciating the power of community initiatives in making change happened; to learning details of the ConEdison Sustainability Program on the top floor of the Roosevelt Landings residential complex, a compelling example of a public-private initiative in an energy saving project .

The GSC 3S Boot Camp© experience was enhanced by the attendees participating in The World BPO/ITO Forum on June 2-3, which allowed them to acquire new knowledge in this sector, as well as provide networking opportunities with C-Suite executives, and learn ways to implement the newly learned skills and techniques.

Trainer Julie Ellis leads GSC Boot Camp Executive Skills Training Session

Trainer Julie Ellis leads GSC Boot Camp© Executive Skills Training Session

All GSC 3S Boot Camp© attendees participated in lively discussions, where they challenged traditional views and ideas, shared different cultural perspectives, generational views and professional experiences. Contributions by the students, who offered refreshing insights into motivation, communication and teamwork, were very much appreciated by all. An illustration of how much these contributions were valued, involves the GSC 3S Boot Camp© participant and winner of 3S People’s Choice Award, Dr. Vishal Pattal, who heads the CSR program at JSW Group. Dr. Pattal extended an invitation to three students/participants to study sustainability at JSW Group facilities in India for an expense-paid sustainability internship.

Upon finishing a real application project, the GSC 3S Boot Camp© participants will receive 3S Certification – Certification in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing.

“The battery of newly acquired skills, management tools and new contacts made during the six days in New York City, enables the GSC 3S Boot Camp© participants to grow and scale-up their 3S Award winning programs in their companies and communities” said Wanda Lopuch, Ph.D., the Chairwoman of the Board of the Global Sourcing Council. We are very grateful to JSW for their internships offer to the youngest participants of the GSC 3S Boot Camp©, which is a tangible example of breaching cultural and generational gaps. This is truly a win-win initiative. The GSC is looking forward to hosting the next event in 2015.

About the Author: Jimmy Gandhi, Ph.D., is the Director of the GSC 3S Boot Camp©. The program demonstrates the commitment of the Global Sourcing Council to incorporate the latest aspects of socially sustainable sourcing in its training and professional development courses.


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